PROMOTE Your Status with Social Marketing Dallas

You are fully aware you need to connect with your audience through the proper social channels.  But you’ve got a business to run.  66% of small businesses are spending over 6 hours per week posting on social media.  But “finding and posting content” is listed as the most time-consuming part of social media engagement.  In fact 1/3 of owners, CEO’s and proprietors want to spend LESS of their own time on social media.

We are a social media company…and yet we would love someone to come in and manage our social media for us. But that’s our job — taking care of your social media soyou don’t have to.

PROMOTE proactively engages your audience by distributing ongoing, compelling and eye-catching posts, promotions and news direct from your business.  And the best part is you can be as involved as you want to be.  With collaboration tools, we can fill in the missing gaps, consult with you on a month-long content calendar, or take over completely if you’re getting too busy.  That would be a good problem to have, right?

Let us help you with content creation and distribution to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more with a consultative approach. Every business is different. That’s why we have solutions that fit all.

Contact us to discover the best way to PROMOTE your business and boost your social status today.

Full Service Social Content Creation

  • Social Account Setup including
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+
    • Instagram
    • Yelp!
    • ...and more
  • Social Account Optimization
  • Social marketing consultation
  • Content consultation
  • Ongoing content creation & distribution
  • Content calendar scheduling
  • Engagement & Sharing reporting