Login at mydashboard.214interactive.com

Credentials for you Facebook, Google, and Yelp accounts must be added to the platform before you are able to respond to any reviews. If you see the image below, it means your credentials have not yet been added.

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.45.58 AM.png

To Add Credentials:

With the correct permissions on your account, you can access the credentials tab by either clicking on the “External Accounts” link from the Review response bar under “Reviews” (as shown in the screenshot above) OR click on the gear icon at the top right of your screen (next to the Locations bar) and select “External Logins” from the main account view.

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.52.20 AM.png

Click on the “+Add Login” button at the top right of that screen and select the credentials you want to add. Currently, our platform allows for responses directly through the dashboard on Facebook, Google, and Yelp only. Yelp responses are only available to accounts with 10 or more locations, per Yelp’s API requirements.

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.53.05 AM.png

Once added, you will see the credential display below and will be able to respond to reviews once connected. (it can take up to 24 hours to properly connect)

Should you have questions at any time, feel free to contact your 214 Interactive Representative.