Login at mydashboard.214interactive.com

Select your location of interest in the dropdown at the top right of the screen. To view all locations, view the group with a number next to it, if applicable.


·       Snapshot – An overview of how you look online from a social and review perspective

·       Reviews  -  View all of your reviews and review statistics here. Filter by date range, provider, and rating on the left side of the screen. Scroll below the statistics at the top of the page to view all reviews that meet the criteria you set. Use the additional filters above the reviews to filter further, should you wish to do so. Respond to each review by clicking on the white box and hitting submit. If the box is grayed out, the credentials need to be added to the account - instructions for adding credentials can be found here. Templates are available below each review to help guide you if needed.

·       Social – Publish content, see social changes/metrics, and more from this tab. You can track hashtags, view recent posts, and see where your posts are originating as well

·       Pulse – Use this tab to track keywords that keep showing up for your business in reviews. Scroll down to read the reviews the words are tracked from, then use the face icons to the right of the review to adjust if needed. (for example, if you have a menu item called “Bad Bites,” the system may think that’s negative but the review may be positive. Change the face icon to a more positive one and the system will learn start to learn as you correct it)

·     Media - Find all photos/videos that have been tagged at your business, even if you weren’t tagged in the user’s post.

·       Listings – View your business listings and search for inaccuracies on this tab

·       Rankings– See where your business ranks on top search engines and how it improves over time.

·       Workflow– Assign tasks to other members on your team, like responding to a customer’s review or question found online.

Additional Info

The system automatically pulls the most relevant competitors based on category and proximity - the same way a consumer would normally search. If you want to change the competitors in the Dashboard.... 

Click 'My Account' in the top right corner, then click 'Manage Location & Competitors' from the left hand side menu (4th option down), and finally click the binocular icon next to each location under the 'Actions' column - that's where competitors can be edited.


Should you have questions at any time, feel free to contact your 214 Interactive Representative.