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·       Dashboard – An overview of how you look online from a social and review perspective

·       Reviews  -  View all of your reviews here.  You can filter by source, date range, and much more from this tab, in addition to responding directly to your reviews through the platform. 

·       Requests – Use this tab to request reviews via email or text message from your clients.  You can make updates to the templates, or create your own, under the templates dropdown.  The history & metrics options will show you what you’ve sent out already in addition to open rates for each.

·       Listings – view your business listings and search for inaccuracies on this tab

·       Surveys – these are internal reviews that allow a client to respond to a request for feedback but doesn’t request that feedback be posted to a public network (i.e. Google, Facebook, etc.)

·       Social – Publish content, view a content calendar, see social changes/metrics, and more from this tab

·       Operations – view your word cloud and sentiment trends here

·       Reports  - pull, view, and schedule reports from this tab.  To schedule a report, click the three dots at the top of the report you would like to schedule and select “schedule.”  You can also edit from this menu as well.  Use the blue button at the top left to “Create Report.”

·       Reputation Score – a 30,000ft view of how you are doing overall against other businesses in your industry


*If you do not see any of the tabs above, contact us to have them added for an additional fee


Setting Up

·       To view review and social sources, you must have certain pages connected.  You can connect any outstanding pages by going to Settings (near your name at the top right corner) > Locations >  Select Location > Pages.  Scroll down to add missing URLs for pages you know you have. (such as Youtube or Twitter)

·       From the Settings view, click on “Credentials” on the left hand side of the screen to add your login information for  the sources listed.  If the credential field shows “missing” under Connections, you are able to do a push log-in, otherwise, you’ll enter a username and password.  Please remember that if you enter a username and password for Google, and do not login using the push-login, you will need to also enter the recovery phone or email listed on your account to make sure the connection is complete.