Credential Manager Guide

Welcome to the Reputation dashboard! In order to get everything connected so review responses can be posted, please follow these simple steps to connect your account (Google and Facebook) and add your other review site credentials (username and password).


Navigate to the Settings screen from the cog wheel to the left of your user profile name:

Cred 1.png

 On the left hand side, select “Credentials”


1.     From there you can add a new set of credentials by clicking the “Add” button and selecting “Credential”


1.     Select the “Source” or review site and enter the Username, Password, and verification details (such as recovery email or phone number) if they exist. Don’t forget to click the + button!


For Google and Facebook, you’ll need to add a connection. First open a new tab and ensure you’re logged into the corresponding account

In the Credential Manager, select “Add” > “Connection”


Select the “Source” (Facebook or Google)  

1.     Follow the prompts in the pop-up window


You're now connected!