Welcome to 214 Interactive's REACH program.  Online media buying is transparent and nimble, and still proves to be one of the most efficient.  We can hone in on specific profit centers with measurable results.  Please take a moment to tell us about your marketing objectives, and we will respond with something for you to approve before we go live.  

REACH Campaign
Please specify your monthly budget for online advertising. These amounts can be changed in future months by providing us notice before the 25th for the next month's campaign. Note that there is a minimum media management fee of $200 per advertising channel.
Based on the recommendations we sent, what is your starting total budget for Google Adwords?
If you have the "Promote" program with us, what is your total monthly budget for Facebook advertising?
Other Networks
Interested in advertising on these other mediums? We will get back to you with our recommendations
Contact Information
Who is the best person at your business for us to contact about your REACH advertising campaign?
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Primary Contact
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Contact Phone
Help us target your REACH advertising campaign by providing some additional detail.
Please provide a list of 10 target cities, OR a maximum radius around your business in miles that you would like to reach with your online advertising. (Default 25)
What age range would you like to target?
Gender Target
What general categories describe your business? For example: Restaurant, Bar, Sushi
What are your target customers interested in (i.e. camping, outdoors, fishing)?
What is the overall message you wish to convey in your advertising?
Please list up to 10 competitors by name
What makes your business unique?
Do you have any existing or upcoming specials, sales or promotions?
Please tell us about any current or recent online advertising for your business, including budget amounts.
Where would you like to send people who click on your advertising?
Phone Number
Phone Number
Which phone number (if any) would you like to feature in your advertising?
Street Address
Street Address
What is the physical street address (if any) that you would like to promote in your advertising?
Google Analytics
Required for a Paid Search campaign
Facebook Access
This is only required if you have selected Facebook advertising.
Please enter the address of your Facebook page.
Payment Information
Your credit card will be charged directly by the advertising publisher (like Google) and we will only charge your card for our media management fee. Some publishers (like Facebook) do not allow third-party billing. All media and management fees are nonrefundable and will be billed in advance. You can adjust your budget for the next month's campaign by notifying us by the 25th of the current month.
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Cardholder Name