We’ve all heard the sayings…


“Put your best foot forward.”


“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.”


“Be the kind of person you want to meet.”


The first impressions you and your business make shape whether or not a potential customer ever conducts business with you in the future. And if this is true, then why do we not pay more attention to our Google My Business profiles?


Google – the number one search engine worldwide – is used by tens of millions daily to locate potential restaurants, retailers, services, etc.


Think about how many times a day you “google” a business of interest.


Now think about the images that pop up once the retailer is found. Are they enticing? Do they draw you in?


Google automatically provides street views throughout the United States, but you never really know what you’re getting with the generic street view. Did you know you can hire a trusted, certified Google Street View photographer to take 360 panoramic views of your business, street views, interior shots, and more. Here’s a few reasons 214 Interactive considers this vital to your business:


1.  First Impressions: As we’ve touched on already, consumers will instantly judge your business by the imagery that shows in your Google My Business listing when your business name is searched. And according to Google’s own research, listings with a virtual 360 tour and photos are more than twice as likely to generate interest that those without.

The photos that appear in your Google Business profile when searched (example on right) are vitally important to your digital presence.

The photos that appear in your Google Business profile when searched (example on right) are vitally important to your digital presence.


2.  Touchpoint Throughout the Web: Once a profile picture and other point of interest photos are selected for your business, Google uses those photos throughout its various search options. And bonus: when those photos are Google created content, they are weighted with more significance. Google Maps, mobile devices, Google search, etc. will all use these photos – so you want them to be good and enticing.


3.  Chance to Update Marketing Materials: When hiring a trusted, certified Google Street View photographer, you will not only get the panoramic views, street views, and interior shots, but Google releases the intellectual property of the photos so YOU own the photos, allowing you to use them however you'd like. Why not make all communications more snazzy?


4. Free Virtual Tour: One of the many reasons businesses are converting their Google listing to a Virtual Tour version is because, once the Google photography is published to their listing, Google will host the virtual tour for FREE. All you're out is a ONE TIME nominal Google photo service fee.


5. Full Optimize your Business Listing in Google: When all photo touchpoints are incorporated into your Google My Business profile and you add a Google 360 virtual tour, you remove the "incomplete" status from your listing and "complete" your Google profile status. Once that's done, the listing is fully optimized to Google's search algorithms - in turn bringing more leads your way. Plus, you will have a permanent SEO component by having 10 key search terms embedded to your Google photography. Learn more here:

Interested in optimizing your photography in your Google My Business profile? 214 Interactive works closely with a trusted, certified Google Street View provider who can take 360 panoramic, street views, point of interest shots, interior shots, and more. Give us a call today to get started!