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In a digital world, opportunities abound to create meaningful interactions with potential customers for pennies on the dollar. One such way to leverage all of this digital content is through utilizing user generated content. 214 Interactive – the #1 digital advertising agency in Plano, Texas – explains how to make it work for you:

What is User Generated Content?

User generated content is just what it sounds like: it’s meaningful online content created by people who have interacted with your brand. Maybe they have posted about how much they love the product they purchased. Maybe they have written a review about your customer service. These are examples of content you can use to strengthen your brand, created by unknowing brand ambassadors themselves. 

How to Leverage User Generated Content

Research has shown the value consumers place on other’s opinions, so user generated content can be an extremely valuable past of your marketing strategy. Here are a few simple ways to make it work for you:


This one is a no brainer. You don’t want to repost a customer’s experience or photo daily, but do make it a regular part of your routine. 214 Interactive is an expert in digital marketing and we can provide you with all the tools you need to find what others are saying about you. Hashtags and geotagging make this process simpler than ever.


Speaking of hashtags, you can always create your own hashtag and share it with your followers. Encourage them to use the hashtag in exchange for content entries, freebies, or discounts. These hashtags increase your visibility online and build engagement.

Utilizing Reviews

Online reviews – positive or negative – are an important part of user generated content. Encourage your followers and customers to post reviews and share these reviews with others in order to spread word-of-mouth about your business. Be sure to respond to all reviews in a timely manner because it shows the user and others that you value their opinion.

Need help leveraging user generated content? Look no further than 214 Interactive – your #1 digital advertising agency in Plano, Texas. We’d love to help with all your digital advertising needs including online reputation management, digital marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and SEO.