As we tell ever client we work with at 214 Interactive, blogging should be an essential part of the overall digital marketing plan. It’s easy to place more worth on social media outlets or ad placement, but blogging has its place at the digital table too! Time and time again, we’ve seen our small business clients reap the benefits of blogging:


1.     Stronger Customer Relationships

Customers – and potential customers – enjoy being in the know. They want to know your brand before they ever purchase from it and they want to be kept informed on what’s going on. Blogging gives you the opportunity to communicate things that are not easily said it short, quippy phrases via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Launching a new product? Want to show a behind the scenes tour of your facility? Hosting a special wine tasting and need to share the details? Let blogging do the heavy lifting for you and build stronger relationships in the process.


2.     Establish Yourself as an Industry Leader

Not only does blogging build relationships, but it shows customers that you know what you are talking about! Showcase your industry knowledge and establish yourself as an industry leader through industry news, tips and tricks of the trade, and more. People want to do business with businesses they trust. And according to BlogHer, 81% of online customers trust information given to them from blogs.

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3.     Higher Lead Generation

Last but certainly not least, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gets a huge boost when you blog. In fact, consider these stats:

“Small businesses that blog have 97% more inbound links to improve SEO.” - HubSpot
“Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog.” - ThinkCreative


Blogging provides a boost to your website and overall digital marketing strategy because it equips you with more content to be picked up by serarch engines and provides compelling information to potential customers.


Not sure what to start with small business blogging? Call 214 Interactive today to set up a consultation with our full service digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas.