214 Interactive can help you show up and show off.  We are a full service digital marketing agency that works to help companies with their social marketing, reputation management, web presence, and online marketing. 

What your customers say about you matters. Did you know people are more likely to buy from a store if they find positive comments about it online?  And negative comments can keep people from choosing your store. Below are some of the ways we can help you take charge of your visibility and online reputation.

We can improve your online visibility with a feature that gathers all locations on the web that your business listing can be found.  With this information you can determine where you may have wrong or missing information.  You want to be sure that your information is correct so that your business can be found!

With 214 you will be able to monitor reviews.  In our review section you can keep up with all the large review sites where you company might be mentioned.  With this tool you can quickly respond to negative reviews with an apology or explanation and work to win your customer back.  You can also promote any good reviews you receive.

Social media is so large now that keeping up with it all can be a bit challenging.  At 214 Interactive we can help you to monitor your social media all in one place.  You can track Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and Foursqaure check-ins.  When people like, retweet, or comment, you will see it all here.  If and when anything good or bad is mentioned about your business you can know immediately.

With Share of Voice graphs we can help you monitor competition and compare how your business stacks up against others in local searches. 

Obviously, people are online at all hours, but you do not have to be.  Every time a new review or mention occurs you will receive alerts by email.  Weekly you will be sent an Executive Report that gives you a synopsis of how your business is doing online.

At 214 Interactive we want your online reputation to flourish and we want you to feel great about how your business is being managed online.  We know it takes a lot to run a successful business and we would love to take on the task of improving your online reputation.  Give us a call today and we can talk more about all that we have to offer at 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas.