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Video Marketing: Great Ways to Use it to Work for You

Study after study has shown that not only are customers engaging more with companies that post videos, but those businesses are also receiving more quality leads through video viewership and leaps in brand awareness across the board. 

Not bad. 

Video isn’t going anywhere, and it doesn’t have to be a big production. Many small businesses can easily leverage a smartphone to create relevant content ready to share via social media platforms, feature in blog posts on the website, etc. Here are some examples of how we encourage our clients here at 214 Interactive to leverage video marketing for their businesses:

·     Tutorials: Share with customers how to use a product or service. If you’re a restaurant, maybe this is in the form of a step-by-step recipe for one of your signature dishes.

·     Testimonials: Find those who love your brand and your services and post a video of them telling others about their positive experiences with your company and its product and services. This can also be done through influencers.

·     Product Reveal: Unveil the latest and greatest products and services your company has to offer.

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·     Live Streaming: Leverage important live events and stream those events live for all to see via social media channels.

·     Vlogs: Vlogs – or video blogs – are a great way to change-it-up and offer a different type of content to your audience.

·     Product Demonstrations: Help potential customers understand what your offer and how those products and services work.

·     Industry News: Interview leaders in your field about topics that would be of interest to your audience. 

·     “How It’s Made” Video: People love learning about what goes into making a certain product. Leverage video to intrigue your audience and engage them in your brand. 

At 214 Interactive, we’ve used video to help many of our clients increase engagement with their audience. Give us a call today to set up a consultation to learn how we can help your small business with video marketing. 



How to Use Video for the Perfect Product Launch

We all understand the time, effort, and money that goes into developing a new product. But what good is a great product if no one knows about it?

The key to a successful new product is in the perfect product launch. One of our favorite ways to launch a product at 214 Interactive is with video, as video’s ability to draw people in and create conversion has continued on the untick in the last few years. Here is are a few tips to use video to draw customers in and create the perfect product launch:


Step 1: Get them to Opt-In

Think of something that you can educate your potential customers about. It should be something related to the problem that your new product will help them solve. Create a landing page, where you share the title of your video series (yes – you will create several videos!) and ask them to opt-in to learn more and watch now. You’ve now created a way to capture new leads and follow up with those potentially interested in your product. Share this site via your email database, social media sites, etc.


Step 2: Create a 10-15 minute educational video (Video 1)

Once they’ve opted-in, you’ll send them this video to watch. The structure should include an intro, a little bit about your company, and then 5-10 minutes of teaching time on a subject related to the product you are launching. The goal here is to gain their trust in your company and to hook them into wanting to watch more in the next video. 


Step 3: Create a 10-15 minute video to segway to your product (Video 2)

Structure your second video similarly to video 1 with educational value, but this time segway directly into your product's features. You want this one to be tied very directly to a need that your product can help solve – but don’t reveal the product just yet.


Step 4: Create the Product Launch Video (Video 3)

Now’s the time – you’ve positioned your viewer to realize their need, and now it’s time to introduce your product that is going to fulfill their needs! Explain the product, include any testimonials, explain the warranty, and then call them to action to purchase. It’s smart to make special launch pricing that is available “for a limited time” as it creates urgency. 


Research shows that video works and 214 Interactive would love to help you get started! Whether you’re launching a new product, want to create content for social media, desire to establish yourself as an industry leader, etc. 214 Interactive is your source for Dallas video content creation. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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