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Summer Content Writing Tips


Summer Content Writing Tips


Summer is the time of the year when many people spend the most money. On the other hand, the summer months are a lull in which they can catch up with all of the admin that they put off when they were busy! Wherever you are at the moment with your small business, it is essential that you continue blogging great and engaging content, otherwise you will start to lose your loyal customers. So here are some summer content tips that we know will ensure your blog's success:

1. Use holidays and special days.

The summer months are full of great ideas for blog posts, and you can always link them straight back to your own content. For example, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, May Day, the Queen of England's birthday... if you think that those are a little too pedestrian, why not try out things like National Ice Cream Month (July) or National Golf Month (August).

2. Keep it thematic.

If we asked you to write down three things that come to mind when you think of summer, chances are you would write something along the lines of summer, camping, BBQs — all great topics for content because chances are, your customers are thinking along the same sort of lines. This means that your content will show up high in searches that people are probably making. 

3. Try something new!

This is your chance to really challenge yourself, and offer your readers something a little different. Perhaps you could try making short two minute videos, or interviewing a famous person. You can start on a different social media platform, such as Instagram, putting up loads of summer themes photographs that include your products within them. 

Whatever it is you decide to, keep it at all summer long, and your visitors will reward you.

7/1: Canada Day
7/5: Work-a-Holic Day
7/6: Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day
7/7: Tell the Truth Day
7/13: Embrace Your Geekness Day
7/13-7/14: Major League Baseball’s All-Star game & Homerun Derby
7/21: National Junk Food Day

August is National Golf Month and Family Fun Month.
8/3: National Watermelon Day; Friendship Day
8/5: Work Like a Dog Day
8/9: Book Lover’s Day
8/14: Left Hander’s Day
8/15: Relaxation Day
8/17: National Thrift Shop Day
8/21: Senior Citizen’s Day
8/22: Hug Your Boss Day