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5 Ways to Take Your Social Media Visuals to the Next Level


5 Ways to Take Your Social Media Visuals to the Next Level

These days, social marketing is an integral part of any digital advertising strategy. And with so much content for a potential customer to sift through, the necessity for powerful content increases.


So it begs the question – how do I make my company stand out from the clutter?

Two words: Iconic Visuals

Want to take your social media visuals to the next level? Take these 5 cues from 214 Interactive – a top digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas:


1.   Color Choice

There’s a reason there are so many filter options on Instagram! Color is powerful, and the colors chosen can create eye-catching content. In fact, a recent study shows that within 90 seconds a person as made up their mind about a person, brand, or product – and 62-90% of that decision is based purely on color. Pick colors for your visuals that tell a story.


2.   Typography

Adding text to your photos or visuals can work to maximize it’s appeal. Generally speaking, web images should be in a sans-serif font and be sized to highlight your photo seamlessly. Kerning and leading helps everything to harmonize and choose 3 fonts maximum.


3.   Be Consistent

Just like any branding message, the message you put out via social media should be consistent – and so should your visuals. Use the value of repetition to build a look that is distinctively yours, showcasing the same color scheme, fonts, and logos throughout your communication. Over time, followers will instantly recognize the visual and relate it back to your product or service.


4.   Add Balance

This one can be tricky but is an important aesthetic to your eye. When taking photos, play around with spacing of the objects – and later text – to balance everything visually. And balance doesn’t necessarily mean everything is symmetrical. Balance can be symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial, or even crystallographic (think patterns).


5.   Layer with Contrast

Contrast is an important concept in photography, and it is important in helping your social media visuals stand out as well. Contrast can be added with varying colors (light/dark), shapes, or even sizes.


Need help creating compelling social media visuals that stand out from the clutter?


214 Interactive specializes in social marketing, social branding, digital content creation, and so much more. Call us today for a consultation and learn how we can help grow your business!


5 Ways to Better Engage with Social Media Followers


5 Ways to Better Engage with Social Media Followers

Never before have consumers had so many different entities vying for their attention.


In fact, in a world full of distractions, research shows that the average adult has an 8 second attention span before their brain pops to something else. (That’s less than a goldfish, people!)


So with that in mind, how to do you make your content count? How do you engage with potential customers in a way that is going to increase future engagement, and ultimately, conversion?


Here are 5 ways to better engage with your social media followers and improve your conversion rate in the process:


1.  Know your Audience

This might seem like a no brainer, but the demographics, age, similar interests, etc. of your followers will better determine how you talk to them. For example, if your followers are mainly millennials, then older pop culture references may completely miss the mark. Tailor your tone, language, humor, and content directly to your audience and you’ll see a rise in engagement.


2.  Insert Call to Action

Sometimes people just need you to spell it out. Increase engagement by asking people do something specific:


“Click this link to watch our factory tour!”


“Comment with your product experience!”


“Share this link to be entered to win free stuff!”


Not only are you giving followers a way to engage with you, but it will increase engagement from others who see the post through friends.

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3.  Give your Followers Elite Status

Consider your followers VIPs. (They are taking the time to follow your brand, right?) Alert them to product launches, do random giveaways, or run contests. Making your followers feel important will make them feel more connected with your brand and more likely to recommend you to others.


4.  Respond to Feedback

Make time to respond to all comments posted to your social media pages. Maybe it’s a simple vote of confidence for your company, or maybe it’s someone dissatisfied with a product. Treat each comment as an important brand touchpoint, because it’s always easier to keep a customer with good customer service than it is to get new ones. Plus – you never know who else might read the content posted.


5.  Add Entertainment Value

Stop the scroll and engage your followers with eye-catching content. Depending on the brand, maybe it’s a funny meme or link to an eye-opening industry video. Find your followers’ interests and use those to create content that pops off the page.


Need help getting more likes, comments, and shares on social media? You’ve come to the right place! 214 Interactive is a leading digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas, and we’d love to discuss how our expertise can help grow your brand through social marketing.


Tap Into the Hidden Potential of Instagram


Tap Into the Hidden Potential of Instagram

Have you tried Instagram in the past for your small business?


Did you quickly get discouraged when no one “liked” your photos and felt like it was a waste of time?


214 Interactive is here to tell you to give it another shot! Instagram is a unique platform because it’s image focused. It takes a little finesse, but once you’ve got it down, you will quickly see an increase in followers – which ultimately leads to new customers.


Not sure how to make Instagram work for you business? Follow these tips to tap into the hidden potential of Instagram in lead generation:


1.     Create an Experience

Instagram is meant to be experienced through the photography that you choose. Think of Instagram as a brand building tool, and use images that portray the brand image and draw people in to want to be a part of it. As potential customers continue to engage with your brand through beautiful photography, you will remain top-of-mind when it’s time to make a purchase. 


2.     Provide Exclusive Content

Make your Instagram followers feel like they are “in the know.” Give them sneak peeks or behind the scene shots of a big event or product unveiling. Maybe even offer exclusive Instagram follower discounts. Exclusive content deepens the connection followers feel with your brand.

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3.     Take Pointers from the Competition

When beginning your Instagram journey, check out other industry gurus' accounts. What are they posting about? What hashtags are they using? What types of imagery are resonating with potential customers? Use these insights to develop a game plan for how you want your Instagram to look and what resonates.


4.     “Link in Profile” Is your Best Friend

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you cannot embed a link into the content on Instagram. However, most Instagram users are very familiar with the phrase “link in profile.” When captioning images, direct followers to check back and click on the profile link to get more information on your company. You can even change the profile link periodically to make sure it syncs with your most current Instagram content, or better yet, create a specifically linked landing page for Instagram users.


5.     Have Fun

Instagram is a place to let your creative juices flow. Need help creating beautiful imagery for Instagram or still not sure where to start? Give 214 Interactive a call today. As a full service digital marketing firm in Dallas, Texas, we are experts in the digital landscape and would love to help you generate leads through Instagram.