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5 Proven Ways to Create More Clickable Headlines Today.


5 Proven Ways to Create More Clickable Headlines Today.

Higher click rates = higher conversion. 

But with all of the media clutter out there, how do you entice someone to click on your email, blog, or social media post? Here are a few recommendations from 214 Interactive – a Dallas, Texas digital advertising agency – on how to make your headlines more clickable:

1.    Optimize the Title for the Platform.

Where is this content going? As you work the title, this matters. According to research done by Outbrain, these are a few headline guidelines to use based on various platforms:

·     Search Engine Optimization: Keep the keywords or phrases close to the beginning; use 70 or less characters.

·     Facebook: 12 words in length

·     Twitter: 10 words in length

·     Email: Check formatting of title length on mobile inboxes to make sure message is not lost.


2.    Don’t be Vague.

Instead of just saying “3 Ways to Get Better Sleep,” say something with impact like, “Want Better Sleep? 3 Things You Must Do Now.” Using words like must, love, hate, perfect, ideal, and proven add impact and encourage readers to clickthrough. 


3.    Emphasize a Problem & Solution.

A great way to get someone’s attention is to simply state the problem and solution in the headline. This is often done best through a short question and answer like, “Want to Lose Weight? Why We Love these 5 New Diets.” 

4.    Hyphens & Colons Provide Details and Keyword Opportunities.

The use of hyphens or colons are great for emphasizing keywords at the beginning of the headline, such as “New Homes In Dallas, Texas: Call Sunny Farms Home Today.” You are able to explain a key point, but then offer emphasis and details on what the actual content is about.

5.    Make it Time Sensitive.

Use phrases like “now, close out, coming soon, limited time, or all new” to express time sensitive information. You can even do this by working in the month or year. 

Need more help? 214 Interactive specializes in Dallas content creation across all platforms, including social media marketing, and we’d love to help you build your small business. Give us a call today and let’s get started! 


Think Blogging is a Waste of Time? Think Again.


Think Blogging is a Waste of Time? Think Again.

As we tell ever client we work with at 214 Interactive, blogging should be an essential part of the overall digital marketing plan. It’s easy to place more worth on social media outlets or ad placement, but blogging has its place at the digital table too! Time and time again, we’ve seen our small business clients reap the benefits of blogging:


1.     Stronger Customer Relationships

Customers – and potential customers – enjoy being in the know. They want to know your brand before they ever purchase from it and they want to be kept informed on what’s going on. Blogging gives you the opportunity to communicate things that are not easily said it short, quippy phrases via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Launching a new product? Want to show a behind the scenes tour of your facility? Hosting a special wine tasting and need to share the details? Let blogging do the heavy lifting for you and build stronger relationships in the process.


2.     Establish Yourself as an Industry Leader

Not only does blogging build relationships, but it shows customers that you know what you are talking about! Showcase your industry knowledge and establish yourself as an industry leader through industry news, tips and tricks of the trade, and more. People want to do business with businesses they trust. And according to BlogHer, 81% of online customers trust information given to them from blogs.

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3.     Higher Lead Generation

Last but certainly not least, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gets a huge boost when you blog. In fact, consider these stats:

“Small businesses that blog have 97% more inbound links to improve SEO.” - HubSpot
“Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog.” - ThinkCreative


Blogging provides a boost to your website and overall digital marketing strategy because it equips you with more content to be picked up by serarch engines and provides compelling information to potential customers.


Not sure what to start with small business blogging? Call 214 Interactive today to set up a consultation with our full service digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas.


The 411 on Houzz Marketing - 214 Interactive


The 411 on Houzz Marketing - 214 Interactive

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of a little website called Houzz?


Chances are you were searching for home design ideas and stumbled across this resource chock full of drool-worthy photos.


What you might not have realized, is that Houzz can do a whole lot more for growing your business than just showcase pretty pictures. Interested in capturing new leads and generating web traffic? Then a presence on Houzz may be right for you. Read on –


The Value of Marketing with Houzz

Houzz is an online directory, social media site, online community, and search engine all rolled into one. Unlike traditional directories, Houzz lets the photography do the heavy lifting, providing eye candy that converts to new clients. Homeowners can save favorite photos, create ideabooks, and review past projects from a potential company before ever letting them into their home.

Think Houzz is just another home design website? Think again. The numbers for Houzz are astounding:  28.7 millions visits per month (73% of those from the US), 6 million users, 2 million app downloads, over 500,000 uploaded photos, and 3 million saved idea books. Houzz is crawling with web traffic. And according to Houzz’s extensive research on its users, that web traffic is qualified, high quality leads, interested in purchasing services within the next 2 years.


Who Should Use Houzz for Marketing Purposes?

If your company falls into any of the following categories, then a presence on Houzz is a must:

·      Home Design/Remodeling (architects, interior designers, contractors, etc.)

·      Home Improvement (think all aspects of the interior of the home – appliances, cabinet manufacturers, hot tub retailers, staircase renovators, flooring companies, etc.)

·      Home Services (cleaning services, painters, landscape companies, movers, real estate agents, etc.)

Basically, if your small business does anything related to the home, consider Houzz a valuable marketing tool.


How Do I Get Started with Houzz?

Houzz uses a customized algorithm – similar to Google – to pull up search results for its users. This means it’s critically important that your photos, photo descriptions, etc. are full of keywords that will increase relevancy in the search results.

If the thought of creating and optimizing a Houzz account makes your head spin, we’re here to help! 214 Interactive is a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guru and would love to help you navigate Houzz marketing with ease.  Give us a call today to set up a consultation!



5 Reasons Blogging is Critical to Your Small Business

At 214 Interactive, we get this question often, “Does blogging really help a business grow?"


Simply put – absolutely!


With minimal time and effort, small business blogging creates compelling content that not only enhances your website, but drives leads, boosts search engine results, and so much more!


Frankly, the benefits of blogging are just too good to ignore:


Benefit #1: Boost Search Engine Optimization

This is the obvious one. Everyone knows the #1 reason to blog is to create fresh content to boost search engine results, driving potential customers to engage with your brand on topics they are searching for. While it’s tempting to overload your copy with keywords...don’t! Keywords are good and useful, but the most important thing is to have copy that interests and engages the reader (with a few keywords sprinkled in).


Benefit #2: Establish Yourself as an Expert

By writing about topics that interest potential small business clients, you are building brand engagement – showing potential customers you are an expert in your field. Over time, customers will come to seek you out looking for engaging, helpful information because they trust you and your brand. It’s not rocket science; just write about things your clients might want to learn more about, and you are well on your way to expert status.


Benefit #3: Increased Customer Engagement

People love sharing articles and web content that they find useful – so why not have them share something about your business?! Not only will that customer be engaging with your company, but their “shares” will also drive leads and customer engagement with your brand. The more you write, the more opportunities there are for customers to share compelling content. Who doesn’t love free advertising?


Benefit #4: Showcase Your Brand

Small business blogging is the perfect place to showcase your brand identify. What tone, values, and personality do you see for your brand? Write with that tone, and use your blog as yet another marketing tool in your toolbox.


Benefit #5: Opportunities for Dialogue

Creating dialogue and interacting with your customers gives you a chance to showcase customer service and build brand loyalty. Not to mention, it keeps your brand top of mind. Ask questions in your blog or consider allowing readers to leave comments. Another idea? Post your blog to your social media sites and let brand engagement happen organically there as well.


Not sure where to start with small business blogging? 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas is here to help. As a full service digital advertising agency, we’re experts in blogging, social marketing, online advertising, and all things digital. Open the dialogue, and our team will get you on your way to watching your business flourish.

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