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Google Map Pack: What You Need to Do to Rank #1


Google Map Pack: What You Need to Do to Rank #1

When you perform a search for a business – say “car dealership in Dallas, Texas,” you’ll naturally get a few search results, accompanied by a map with Google’s top 3 results for you. Those map coordinates are known as Google’s Map Pack, and as a small business, you want to show up there.

But how?

Here are a few simple steps from 214 Interactive – a digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas – on how to rank #1:


Step 1: Make Sure Your Profile is 100% Complete

Google will not rank you well in anything if your profile is not 100% complete, so make sure every step is done, including:

·     Phone number - it must match the one on your website

·     Service categories - add as many as apply and make sure you’ve provided details about these services. Google recommends 150-200 words.

·     Service cities - add as many as apply

·     Hours of operation

Razzoo's Cajun Cafe Google Map Pack best cajun restaurant


Step 2: Add Daily Posts to your Google My Business Account

Google My Business posts are simply another way to share what’s going on with your business! Share about daily specials, new incentives, product information, and more! Daily posts dramatically improve your Google Map Pack rankings. Just log into your Google My Business account and create a post! Keep in mind that adding photos, keywords, and a link to your website will also help your post rank more highly.


Step 3: Add Photos to All Sections of Your Google My Business Profile

Daily posts are the single most important way to improve in the rankings; adding photos is second! It’s super simple! Go into your account and make sure you’ve added:

·     3 exterior shots

·     3 interior shots

·     1 interior 360 degree photo

·     3 branding photos – this could be logo, banner, business card, etc.

·     3 team member photos

·     3 “service” photos

·     1 interior video

Chamberlains Steak and Chop House photos google map pack


Step 4: Respond to All Reviews

Google cares very much about reviews and your interaction and response to them. Good and bad, responding to reviews boosts consumer confidence – and Google’s confidence too! Whether the reviews are new or old, make sure you’ve provided a response to each and every one on your profile. If you need help devising an online reputation management strategy, 214 Interactive is here to help.


Want more help with Google Map Pack rankings? Call us today! Our team specializes in search engine optimization – or SEO – and we’d love to help you and your business flourish! 


5 Proven Ways to Create More Clickable Headlines Today.


5 Proven Ways to Create More Clickable Headlines Today.

Higher click rates = higher conversion. 

But with all of the media clutter out there, how do you entice someone to click on your email, blog, or social media post? Here are a few recommendations from 214 Interactive – a Dallas, Texas digital advertising agency – on how to make your headlines more clickable:

1.    Optimize the Title for the Platform.

Where is this content going? As you work the title, this matters. According to research done by Outbrain, these are a few headline guidelines to use based on various platforms:

·     Search Engine Optimization: Keep the keywords or phrases close to the beginning; use 70 or less characters.

·     Facebook: 12 words in length

·     Twitter: 10 words in length

·     Email: Check formatting of title length on mobile inboxes to make sure message is not lost.


2.    Don’t be Vague.

Instead of just saying “3 Ways to Get Better Sleep,” say something with impact like, “Want Better Sleep? 3 Things You Must Do Now.” Using words like must, love, hate, perfect, ideal, and proven add impact and encourage readers to clickthrough. 


3.    Emphasize a Problem & Solution.

A great way to get someone’s attention is to simply state the problem and solution in the headline. This is often done best through a short question and answer like, “Want to Lose Weight? Why We Love these 5 New Diets.” 

4.    Hyphens & Colons Provide Details and Keyword Opportunities.

The use of hyphens or colons are great for emphasizing keywords at the beginning of the headline, such as “New Homes In Dallas, Texas: Call Sunny Farms Home Today.” You are able to explain a key point, but then offer emphasis and details on what the actual content is about.

5.    Make it Time Sensitive.

Use phrases like “now, close out, coming soon, limited time, or all new” to express time sensitive information. You can even do this by working in the month or year. 

Need more help? 214 Interactive specializes in Dallas content creation across all platforms, including social media marketing, and we’d love to help you build your small business. Give us a call today and let’s get started! 


Are Your Blogs Search Engine Friendly?


Are Your Blogs Search Engine Friendly?

Every business owner is trying to increase their position on search engines, vying for the coveted top spot – or even top 5. 

But how do you get there?

There are many different factors that go into search rankings, but one valuable tool you can use to increase your rank is by creating a company blog with relevant content and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. 

If you’re just starting out as a business blogger, here are a few ways to make that blog search engine friendly:

Properly Incorporate Keywords

And when we say “properly,” we certainly mean don’t over do it! Start by figuring out what words are proper keywords for your industry and your specific business. Then, use them in key areas of your post including headers, subheaders, title, last paragraph, first sentence, image descriptions, and meta tags. Decide on a word or phrase for one post and use it sparingly throughout. It’s as simple as that! 

Include Valuable Links

Not only do you want to link back to relevant sites within your site, but you want to add outbound links that are relevant or reference something in your article. Quality links are considered valuable in SEO and will get you noticed by search engines.

Share Your Content

Your blog posts shouldn’t just live on your website! Find ways to use your valuable SEO content creation as ways to engage with your audience, linking them on social media and including the content in email blasts.

Still have questions? At 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas, SEO content creation is what we do and we’d love to help get you started! Call us today to set up a consultation for your business. We specialize in all things related to digital marketing, including social media marketing, online reputation management, online ad placement, video content creation, SEO, and more. 


We are 1!


We are 1!

The older you get, the quicker birthdays seem to sneak up on you.  214 Interactive turned 1 last week and we utterly missed it.   The fact that one of our mothers had to remind us of it doesn't mean we are old.  It means we are too preoccupied building a company to order balloons and cookies.  Turns out starting a new company can be time-consuming and distracting.   

They say the first year in business is the hardest.  Or...maybe that's marriage.  Either way, when you make a life-altering, "am-I-really-doing-this" decision to make such a major move; excitement can cloud your assessment of risk.  Your mind is on your dreams, the details, and the delivery (still using both analogies).  You've heard horror stories from people around you who have tried and failed. Terms such as "downsizing", "counseling", "divorce", "bankruptcy" are tossed aside in your mind. Those people aren't as smart as you.  Your idea is different.  Your partner is trustworthy.  You're going to do everything in your power to make it work.  Failure is not an option!!!  

Happy 1st Birthday, 214i!

Happy 1st Birthday, 214i!

The divorce rate in America is 57%, and the failure of businesses in the services industry is 55%. 

We at 214 Interactive are thankful.  We have clients that trust us, friends who support us, family who loves us, a nifty office space, and a BETA of a new product which is proving to be a game-changer.  A

We have expanded our service offerings to include custom web design, behavioral marketing, retargeting, mobile websites, and more which we package neatly with our Reputation Management & Social Marketing programs.   

In marriage they say after 7 years, you know you've made it.  We are 1.  And we are proud to say we've made it.  

Oh, send us cookies.






The Crappy Story About Facebook


The Crappy Story About Facebook

Your witty, hilarious and well-thought-out Facebook post you've just spent 2 1/2 minutes of your life crafting will now be seen by only approximately 6% of your fan-base [Insert frowny-face emoji] according to recent studies. 

Why?  Have you been on Facebook lately?  Have you seen the enormous amount of crap?  That pile of crap is quickly turning into a mountain region of crap, and Facebook has to implement new algorithms to sort through said crap.  They have over 100,000 factors, which give weight what content is most relevant to you.  That means your crappy (I mean witty) post has to compete with much less-crappy posts in order to rise to the top of your crappy friends' Facebook crap.  The average Facebook user has 338 friends [insert sympathetic face emoji], and there are between 1,500 - 15,000 pieces of content Facebook could serve you up when you log in.  That's a lot of crap. 


So if you have 200 fans, maybe 12 people will see your post.  And what's worse is that number is expected to decline.  Why?  $.  That's why.    

For a while, Google didn't care about monetizing its search results…they just wanted to offer "the most relevant search experience".  Haha.  LOL.  [insert sarcastic emoji].  And now look at them all…greedy, corporate slaves sacrificing the quality of their core product in order to put a mischievous grin on other greedy wall-street types.  Oh, and you if you're a stock holder.  

So how do you get your fan-base to see your ads?  Dig deep, put your pride aside and pull out your credit card.   Don't kill the messenger, but as a business, it's time to realize you actually have to pay for your advertising on the internet.  The free ride is over. 

Google has made it much more difficult to show up Organically in (the free) search for the terms you want.  Therefore, we recommend utilizing Google Adwords, where you have FULL control over where your listings show up, when they show up and to whom.  And when you're only paying when people click your ads, it's a no-lose situation.   You are showing your ads to people who are actively in the market (searching) for your products & services.  It doesn't get better than that.

Facebook is no different.  We recently ran a Facebook "Offer" campaign for a local restaurant.  They spent $200 in 30 days, got 120 people to claim the offer, and their ad was shown to over 26,000 people in their geographic / demographic who were "interested" in Sunday brunch.   You can't beat that type of advertising.  Anyhere. 

Regardless, the race to obtain free advertising will ensue, and we predict a new form of SEO will emerge - Social Media Optimization.  Let's call it "SMO".  You heard that here first, folks.  The goal will be to optimize your social posts to reach the highest percentage of your audience without paying a dime.  Unless you're paying us to optimize it for you [insert winky emoji].



SEO and the Local Business Owner


SEO and the Local Business Owner

If you own and operate a local business such as a restaurant or bar, you may be wondering what all the buzz about changes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has do with you. Your business may not even have a blog associated with it. However, with current search engine focus on local results and high-quality content, this may be the best time possible for you to start that business blog you've been telling yourself you'll get around to one of these days.

Why You Should Avoid Outdated SEO Practices

Old-school SEO basically involves spamming Google with backlinks to drive a target website to the top of the pile, but those tactics cause more harm than good these days. That's great news for small businesses because you don't have to hire a link farm to push your business name up in search engine rankings.  All that you need is a competent person capable of creating engaging, information-centered content designed to add actual value to the internet as a whole and to create authentic interest in prospective customers. Think of it as the difference between well-prepared prime rib and a cold plate of spam.

Should You Manage and Write Your Own Blog?

Many talented chefs and other culinary professionals do a superb job of creating informative, entertaining, and classy blogs while others feel that their time and abilities are better spent on other pursuits, leaving their blogs entirely in the hands of others. The most appealing business blogs combine the best of both worlds, however; a skilled professional provides the SEO expertise and high quality original blog content that today's search engines love while the business owner keeps enough of a hand in to give the blog a pleasing personal touch.


3 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Know About for 2014


3 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Know About for 2014


It's a new year and the only thing that can be safely predicted for content marketing in 2014 is that this year will bring some unforeseen changes. However, there are a few trends you can count on as we head into 2014.

1. Content is still king.  Good, interesting, well-written content has always been valued and will continue to be the foundation of a good website. Whether this is text, videos or images, no quick trick is going to bring visitors to your site as reliably as valuable and thoughtful content.

2. Geo-tagging. Where a user is located is becoming as important as his past browsing habits. More than two-thirds Americans use their mobile devices to surf the Internet, according to a recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project. All of those devices are equipped with a GPS tracker that allows search engines to refine search results to those things of interest to people in a specific area. Increasingly, Internet marketers are embracing this theory, creating content that with a geographical emphasis, such as "Best Ways to Prepare your Chicago Home for Winter."

4. Social media diversification. Although it's difficult to ignore the fact that Facebook has more than one billion registered users, they are far from being the only social media site around. In fact, there are more than 400 such sites. Depending on your product or service, you might reach more targeted potential customers on a smaller site, such as GoodReads or the Literary Thing for readers and book lovers (and thus publishers and authors) or Ravel for needlework and sewing enthusiasts (and those who market sewing products.)

Have you finished your Internet marketing plan for 2014? What new strategies are you looking to implement for the new year?