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5 Web Design Mistakes that Cost You Money


5 Web Design Mistakes that Cost You Money

In a world where choices abound, a consumer only needs to spend a few seconds on your website before they decide if you’re worth their time and money.

They are looking for a user-friendly experience, that shows them what they are looking for, and does it in a professional manner. Bonus points if they get a feel for your brand while they are there.

So how does your site measure up? Are there pitfalls that are costing you money without you even realizing it? Now is a great time to look at 5 common web design mistakes we see here at 214 Interactive and corrections you need to make now:

Ignoring Analytics

Analytics are your gateway to what is working on your site – and what isn’t. If your website isn’t setup with built-in analytics, then it’s time to get that implemented! Analytics provide real-time data so that you can make adjustments that will increase sales. 

Flimsy Content

A website is only as good as its content. You may be thinking – does anyone actually read all this stuff? They may not spend hours delving into your website, but it does more than that: it gives search engines something to search. If you want to rank higher on Google, then SEO needs to be your friend. Optimize your website for search through rich content and watch leads grow.

Slow Low Speed

It’s 2019, and hopefully your website loads faster than 3 seconds. If not, research says that most people have already lost interest and moved on to a competitor. Regularly check our website load speeds, and if they aren’t lightning fast, you may be losing traffic.

Vague Call to Action

Marketing 101: tell people what you want them to do. 

Buy now! Start here! Contact us today! Sign me up!

These are all examples of calls to action that are clear and concise. Keeping your call to action clear and at the forefront of your site leads to greater lead generation and revenue. 

Not Optimizing for Mobile

More and more, consumers are using their smartphones for search – particularly when it comes to the service and restaurant industry. Don’t be caught with a site that doesn’t load well on mobile! Consumers are fickle and are not going to spend time on your site if it is cumbersome and not mobile-friendly. Develop your website with responsive web design so that it can communicate clearly across all devices, whether laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. 

Need help with web design? 214 Interactive would love to help! We specialize in responsive web design in Plano, Texas and have helped many small businesses achieve their goals through better web design. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.