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It’s True: Responding to Reviews Boosts SEO


It’s True: Responding to Reviews Boosts SEO

Google has admitted what we’ve known for awhile: Reviews matter. And they matter to Google in the search rankings.


Reviews Account for 15% of the Local Search Ranking

In 2015, Google used reviews to account for a little over 10% of the search ranking. Now, a study in Google Local Search Rankings shows it accounts for just over 15% of the search ranking. This is an increase of 5% in just a few short years, echoing what Google has said publicly:

High-quality, positive reviews from your customers will improve your business’s visibility and increase the likelihood that a potential customer will visit your location.”

In essence, Google is telling us that positive reviews build credibility and Google wants to recommend the most credible businesses to those searching on their search engine. 

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Boost SEO Further By Responding to Reviews

While not explicitly outlined how much it matters, Google has also made it clear that they care if you respond to those reviews – and that it does play a role in SEO. According to the Google My Business support page:

“Responding to reviews shows that you value your customers and the feedback that they leave about your business.”

Again, responding to reviews is a sign of good faith and credibility. Not only that, but it tends to boost positive review counts too! Research has shown that when you respond to negative reviews in a satisfactory manner, 34% of consumers will delete their original negative review and 33% will write an additional positive review! 

SEO Help in Dallas, Texas

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Yelp for Business Owners: New Feature Makes It Easier than Ever to Update Your Profile


Yelp for Business Owners: New Feature Makes It Easier than Ever to Update Your Profile

Yelp is a great tool for businesses, as it’s yet another point of contact with your customers, providing ways to enhance the customer service experience and add useful content.

If you utilize other social media and review sites for your business – like Facebook, Google My Business, etc. – then it’s time to jump on and create a Yelp for Business Owners profile as well. In fact, Yelp has approx. 139 million unique users each month, so without a profile, you are missing a great opportunity to interact with your customers.

Already Have a Yelp for Business Owners Profile? 

Great! Then you’re going to love this new tool Yelp has unveiled! Businesses can now manage all users to their business profile from one login. No need to share your login with anyone in the company who needs to edit; you have the power to add/remove users to the account, creating a more streamlined experience for all involved. 

What Can the Users Do In the Account?

The users you add to the account act just as an admin with the ability to respond to reviews and other messages customers post, upload photos and content to your page, add/remove users, and update payment information in the account. You can have up to 15 unique users on the account and any business with fewer than 10 locations can get this setup with a few clicks in their Yelp for Business Owners profile. An email will be sent to you each time a change is made, so that it’s easy to see what other users are doing in your account. 

How Do I Invite Others to Manage My Yelp for Business Owners Profile?

1.    First, go to your Account Settings.

2.    Click User Management. (If you don’t see this, then visit this page for reference.)

3.    Select Invite a User.

4.    Add a Job Title for the user you are adding.

5.    Provide the email address where you want the invite to be sent.

6.    Grant access to the business locations that user can edit.

7.    Send your invite!

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PSA: It’s Time to Turn on Facebook Instant Replies


PSA: It’s Time to Turn on Facebook Instant Replies

Customer service continues to be a cornerstone of what sets good companies apart from great ones. And in a digital world, customers want to interact with your company at all times – day and night – through messages and posts via social media sites like Facebook. 

How does your business keep up? Here’s a PSA from 214 Interactive: It’s time to turn on the Facebook Instant Replies.

What are Facebook Instant Replies?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. When you set your Facebook business profile to provide instant replies, your customer will instantaneously here back from your company in some form or fashion, with a message you provide. The message may not be specifically tailored to their needs, but they will know that you care about their questions, concerns, and feedback, and what to continue the conversation.

What Should My Facebook Instant Reply Say?

Good question. Here are some guidelines for creating a Facebook Instant Reply:

·     Say Thank You: Sometimes, a simple “thank you” can go a long way. Just acknowledging that someone is heard and thanking them for taking the time to message you about their questions and concerns let’s them know that your business and feedback is important to you. It opens up the dialog before you can respond with a more personalized response. 

·     Manage Expectations: The last thing you want to do is provide an automated reply and then never respond personally! Provide a time table in your automated response for when they can expect a more personal response to their message.

·     Provide Other Modes of Contact: If your business is slow to respond to Facebook messages but you typically respond quickly to emails, let the customer know that. By providing another way to contact you, you are providing yet another touchpoint with your business.

·     Use the Away Message Features: If your account will not be managed for a few days, then it’s important to turn on the “away message” feature. This allows the customer to know that their message and time is important and you will respond promptly once you are back online.

Have questions about Facebook Instant Replies, Facebook marketing, Facebook advertising, Facebook business profiles, or anything social media related? 

214 Interactive has answers. Call us today to set up a consultation for your small business. We specialize in everything from social media marketing, to SEO, to online reputation management. 



Always Respond to Positive Reviews – And Here’s Why:

In the past, we’ve made sure to encourage you to respond to negative reviews. It gives you a chance to make things right, demonstrate great customer service, and it’s a reflection of your brand. 

But what about postitive reviews? They are saying positive things…so should I respond?

The answer is a resounding yes!

At 214 Interactive, we specialize in online reputation management in Dallas, and here are a few reasons we always tell our clients to respond to positive reviews too:

1.   It’s Just Good Manners.

Mama taught you to say “thank you,” and that doesn’t just apply to compliments in person! If a customer gives you positive feedback, it’s just the right thing to do to respond and thank them for their response. 

2.   It Boosts Search Engine Rankings.

Did you know that by responding to reviews in the right way, you can positively affect your search rankings? We all know how huge SEO is and if such a simple thing as responding to a review can help, why wouldn’t you do it?

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3.   People are Watching.

Remember: anything posted on social media is fair game for all to read, so why not make a positive impression? In fact, research suggests that up to 93%of consumers read online reviews to determine their impression of a brand and whether or not they will do business with them in the future.

4.   It Generates Visibility.

Many times, responding on social media sites can boost visibility, particularly among friends of the customer who reviewed your brand. Showing a positive customer service experience and responding is a warm, welcoming way helps build trust of people who may be interested in your brand in the future.


If you want to learn more on how to respond to positive reviews and what to say to boost visibility and SEO, call 214 Interactive – the online reputation management experts in Dallas, Texas! We can’t wait to get started on building your brand. 


Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Make it Work for You – Here’s How


Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Make it Work for You – Here’s How

Sure, LinkedIn is a social media site for business professionals, but it’s also so much more than that.

If used properly, LinkedIn is a tool that can greatly impact your success rate in the business world and the opportunities that come your way.


Read on to learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and start expanding your horizons:


1.   Make More Connections

As we’ve already established, LinkedIn is a social media site. For that reason, the more connections you have, the more visibility you gain. Make it your goal to expand your connections by 100-150 within the next 2 months. While that might seem daunting, you might be surprised how easy it can be once you get started. These additional connections provide additional exposure to new career opportunities as they present themselves.


2.   Update Your Profile

You should be re-evaluating your profile every couple of months, looking for ways to improve or update outdated information. Is your profile picture current? (Users with profile pictures get 21 times more views so it’s time to have one!) Is your work history complete? Does your work profile summary paint the strongest picture of your skills and abilities? Each facet of your profile should be evaluated and polished regularly to present the best you to the world.


3.   Optimize for Search Engines

If you really want to expand your reach through your LinkedIn profile, then get it optimized for search engines. Chances are, you haven’t even considered SEO as a crucial part of your LinkedIn profile strategy. Use keywords and industry jargon repeatedly throughout your profile to showcase your abilities and talents – and watch your profile get picked up and ranked with SEO.


4.   Stay Active

The more you are active on LinkedIn, the more others will see your profile. It’s Marketing 101. Make your brand present and watch the opportunities arise. How do you do that? Write posts once or twice a week, start a group, share industry articles on your profile, or even write your own articles that are relevant to your industry and work experience.


Want to learn more about LinkedIn strategies for your personal career growth and the growth of your business? Call 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas today for a consultation. We are experts in social media, SEO, online reputation management, and all things digital, and we’d love to help you get one step ahead of the competition using LinkedIn.


5 Reasons You Should Never Delete Negative Company Reviews


5 Reasons You Should Never Delete Negative Company Reviews

Sounds counter-intuitive right….why would I want anyone to read negative feedback about my company? Won’t it make potential customers shy away from doing business with me?

Surprisingly, the answer is no.

In fact, consumers will actually trust your brand 68% more if they see that you have positive and negative reviews!

At 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas we specialize in online reputation management and here are 5 reasons you should never delete negative reviews:


Negative Reviews Build Trust

It’s impossible to please everyone, so if your company shows no negative reviews, people will question it. One study shows that 30% of consumers will even go as far as to believe your reviews are all fake if none are negative. Showing that your company isn’t perfect – then responding to those imperfect reviews in a timely and positive manner – helps build rapport and trustworthiness with potential customers.


Negative Reviews Give you an Opportunity for Improvement

Instead of just deleting negative reviews, use them as a learning opportunity. Why did someone report negatively? Is there room for improvement in a certain area? No company is perfect, and you might never have known where your shortcomings are if someone hadn’t reported them.


Negative Reviews Can Be Salvaged

It costs 7 times more to gain new customers than to keep the ones you have. Proper online reputation management in Dallas will help you know how to respond to reviews quickly and effectively, and in most cases, a customer will come back to your company if their issue is resolved to their satisfaction.


Negative Reviews Boost Customer Service Opportunities

What separates a great company from an average company? It’s the customer service experience. When you respond publicly to negative reviews, you are not only showing that reviewer that you value their business and their opinion, but you are showing the world your customer service skills.


Negative Reviews Can Produce Long-Term Benefits

As you analyze and respond to negative reviews, you’ll see your business flourish. While it can be hard to take criticism, you’ll experience the long-term benefits of making adjustments, serving your customers, and being proactive.

Need someone to handle your online reputation for you? Call 214 Interactive today!


How to Improve Your “Near Me” Search Results


How to Improve Your “Near Me” Search Results

More and more, consumers are using their smartphones to find businesses that are “near them” when on vacation, traveling to another city, or just looking for products and services in their own backyard.


In fact, “near me” searches can expect a 50% success rate in getting a store visit within 24 hours!


So how do you improve your “near me” search result ranking? Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to increasing your online reputation management and search engine optimization in Dallas:


1.  Create Consistent Business Listings

As 214 Interactive has told you before, having a completed Google My Business profile is huge in terms of increasing search engine rankings. Next, make sure that all of your listings – Google, other industry websites, your website, etc. – all have the exact same information in terms of address and phone number. Consistency is key when it comes to moving up the Google Near Me search listings, not to mention, helpful to any potential customers looking for your business.


2.  Ask for Reviews

Reviews – particularly Google reviews – are one of the leading factors when it comes to search engine optimization in Dallas. And since researchers have shown that most reviews are positive, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for more! Use your social platforms, email list, and in-store opportunities to get customers to talk about their experience.


3.  Respond to Those Reviews Quickly

If for some reason you do receive a negative review here or there, make sure to respond quickly, as this will have an effect on your “near me” search rankings. Handling a review quickly and efficiently shows other potential customers that you are serious about a positive customer service experience and research shows that 95% of negative reviewers will give you another try if their complaint is resolved effectively.


4.  Build a Mobile Website

Google’s “near me” rankings system plays favorites with those who have mobile-friendly websites, so make sure you are a mobile version as well. And since 80% of consumers are searching for businesses near them on a smartphone, having a mobile site is just good business.


Ready to have a team dedicated to your search engine optimization and online reputation? Let Dallas’s premier digital advertising agency - 214 Interactive - handle all of your online marketing needs.