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Bring in More Business this Holiday Season with Facebook Ads – and Here’s How


Bring in More Business this Holiday Season with Facebook Ads – and Here’s How

While there are lots of different ways to reach potential customers this holiday season, Facebook advertising in Dallas is one that should definitely be a part of your digital media mix.

If you are considering purchasing some Facebook ads for your small business (and you should!), here are a few tips on how to maximize your return on investment:


Zero in on Your Target Audience

One thing we love about Facebook ads is the ability to truly customize the target audience. Facebook allows the ability to hone in on potential customers based on where they live, age, gender, interests, demographic information, and more. At 214 Interactive, we recommend zeroing in on one or two factors that would create the broadest reach among potential customers, as it keeps costs down and increases visibility.


Create a Call to Action

What do you want your customers to do when they see the ad? Should they visit your site to buy now because you are running an amazing deal? Or do they need to click to learn more about your new products? Or maybe sign-up for more information? Determine what message you want to communicate during your holiday Facebook ads, and then use that message consistently across all advertising so that it’s clear what the customer should do when they see the ad.


Experiment with Photos and Video

The great thing about Facebook ads is almost instantaneous data on what is working and what is not. Run ads with different photos and videos, and then see what is working – and what is not. You may choose to eliminate the ads that are underperforming, and boost the buy for those that are effective.


Pair with Paid Search Advertising

214 Interactive specializes in search engine optimization, and we’ve seen Facebook ads thrive when paired with paid search advertising. Not only does it supplement the Facebook ad campaign, but it generally increases clickthrough rates and conversion rates.


Ready to purchase some Facebook ads today? Call 214 Interactive – a top digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas – today and let us guide you through the process! We’ll do all the heavy lifting, so all you have to do is sit back and watch the results happen. 


5 Reasons to Jump on the Houzz Bandwagon Today


5 Reasons to Jump on the Houzz Bandwagon Today

As we covered in our last blog, Houzz is an incredible resource for companies that have any tie to home services. Architects, remodelers, plumbers, designers, painters, and more can all reap the rewards of Houzz marketing.


But what exactly can marketing with Houzz do for your small business? What makes it so special? 214 Interactive has pinpointed 5 key reasons your business needs to jump on the Houzz bandwagon today:


#1: Free, Qualified Leads

How often are you able to capture leads from people in the buying process with the money to move forward with the purchase? It can be difficult to find avenues to advertise where this is the case, and Houzz is the perfect candidate. According to Houzz research, 89% of their 6 million users own their own homes, make over $100k a year, and are planning to complete home projects within the next 2 years. We’d say that’s pretty qualified. 


#2: Boost in Website Traffic

The more photos, keywords, and community interactions your business has on Houzz, the more opportunities you have to drive website traffic to YOUR website. And with 28 million site visits per month, Houzz has plenty of traffic to send your way.


#3: Free Editorial Features

The Houzz editorial team puts out 10 articles a day on home design, home improvements, etc. and each one is chock full of content that is pulled from Houzz business sites. It costs the businesses nothing to be featured and could mean major returns and increased business exposure to the millions viewing the site. Businesses can even recommend projects or photos to be featured by submitting to the editorial team for review.


#4: Free Marketing Research

Houzz is pretty savvy and has tons of in-house tools to monitor who is using the site and what is being viewed. This information is passed along to the individual companies completely for free. Find out which photos resonate with consumers, what ideabooks they like, and what keywords they are searching for – then harness that opportunity to engage via other mediums.


#5: Search Engine Boost

Houzz has such high search engine rankings that companies can benefit from barnacle SEO, meaning they will by default get a boost in search results just by having a profile on the Houzz website. Maximizing keywords and descriptors within your profile online increases your SEO advantage.


Looking for ways to maximize your presence on Houzz? Call 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas today! Let us put our digital advertising expertise to work for you. 


Tap Into the Hidden Potential of Instagram


Tap Into the Hidden Potential of Instagram

Have you tried Instagram in the past for your small business?


Did you quickly get discouraged when no one “liked” your photos and felt like it was a waste of time?


214 Interactive is here to tell you to give it another shot! Instagram is a unique platform because it’s image focused. It takes a little finesse, but once you’ve got it down, you will quickly see an increase in followers – which ultimately leads to new customers.


Not sure how to make Instagram work for you business? Follow these tips to tap into the hidden potential of Instagram in lead generation:


1.     Create an Experience

Instagram is meant to be experienced through the photography that you choose. Think of Instagram as a brand building tool, and use images that portray the brand image and draw people in to want to be a part of it. As potential customers continue to engage with your brand through beautiful photography, you will remain top-of-mind when it’s time to make a purchase. 


2.     Provide Exclusive Content

Make your Instagram followers feel like they are “in the know.” Give them sneak peeks or behind the scene shots of a big event or product unveiling. Maybe even offer exclusive Instagram follower discounts. Exclusive content deepens the connection followers feel with your brand.

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3.     Take Pointers from the Competition

When beginning your Instagram journey, check out other industry gurus' accounts. What are they posting about? What hashtags are they using? What types of imagery are resonating with potential customers? Use these insights to develop a game plan for how you want your Instagram to look and what resonates.


4.     “Link in Profile” Is your Best Friend

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you cannot embed a link into the content on Instagram. However, most Instagram users are very familiar with the phrase “link in profile.” When captioning images, direct followers to check back and click on the profile link to get more information on your company. You can even change the profile link periodically to make sure it syncs with your most current Instagram content, or better yet, create a specifically linked landing page for Instagram users.


5.     Have Fun

Instagram is a place to let your creative juices flow. Need help creating beautiful imagery for Instagram or still not sure where to start? Give 214 Interactive a call today. As a full service digital marketing firm in Dallas, Texas, we are experts in the digital landscape and would love to help you generate leads through Instagram.