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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?  - 214 Interactive


Is Your Website Mobile Ready? - 214 Interactive

The demand for a website that is “mobile ready” has grown as the use of mobile phones and devices has grown. Google and other search engines actually use mobile readiness as part of their search algorithms, meaning if your site is not mobile ready, then it will not perform well in search engine searches.


Why should you care about mobile readiness? One study suggests that 80% of mobile searches convert – most times to a brick and mortar location – within hours of the search. And since 214 Interactive knows users aren’t going to scroll past the first few search results, this is pretty important.


So how can I ensure my website is mobile ready? Here are 3 steps to maximize your score:


1.     Run Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Google has an easy-to-use test that will give you an instant baseline for how your website’s mobile site performs. Simply type in your web address and Google provides instantaneous feedback.


2.     Optimize Your Website Design

There are a couple ways to design your website for mobile readiness:

1.                    Responsive Design - your website will resize and adjust itself for whatever screen size or device it is being viewed on

2.                    Separate Mobile Site – create a separate mobile version of  your company’s website.

214 Interactive recommends responsive design because search engines are more likely to rank your website higher on a mobile device than if you had created a separate mobile site.


3.     Increase Load Speed

Your website should load on a mobile device in less that 1 second. Google uses the mobile load speed as part of its rankings as well, so the faster the website, the better the ranking. You can use sites like Pingdom to check your current speed.


Need help building a website that is optimized for mobile searches? Not sure if your website is mobile ready? Call 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas today for a consultation. We are a premiere digital advertising agency in Dallas, specializing in website design, mobile readiness, social marketing, SEO, and so much more