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5 Ways to Create Holiday Facebook Ads that Work


5 Ways to Create Holiday Facebook Ads that Work

It’s a busy season for advertisers and hopefully the Black Friday sales were good to you.

If your sales weren’t quite where you wanted them, it’s not too late to make adjustments to your digital marketing strategy! Cyber Week may be over, but there is still another month of holiday retail sales to be had. At 214 Interactive, one of the key areas we recommend our clients advertise is with Facebook ads, and here are 5 ways to create holiday Facebook ads that work:


1.    Create Urgency

Remind your potential customers that these sales won’t last long. A great way to do this with holiday Facebook ads is to use phrases like “limited stock available,” “hurry, today only!”, “offer good for the first X to purchase,” and “last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery.”

2.    Use Special Holiday Messaging

Everyone is in the gift-giving mindset, so make sure your messaging copy triggers their desire to buy. During the holidays, the goal is for the customer to see your item as a gift-giving opportunity – and less about getting them to buy it for themselves. Phrases like “great stocking stuffer” or “it’s the perfect gift” are great at converting.

3.    Use Facebook Targeting

Facebook has some great tools for targeting different audiences with your holiday Facebook ads. Strategize about which audiences should see which messages for maximum conversion. If one group has purchased X product recently, then showing them ads for a complimentary product would be wise. Also – be aware of who has visited your website recently, as those potential customers may be gift shopping and be different than your normal audience. 

4.    Be Mindful of Facebook Objectives

Facebook allows you to select various objectives for your holiday Facebook ads – and they play a key role in who sees your ads. While brand awareness ads have their place, this is the time of year for sales, so make sure your objectives clearly state that. 

5.    Track Your Ads

It may be tedious, but tracking your holiday Facebook ads throughout the next month will help you get the most bang for your buck. Be aware of which campaigns are working – and which are not. Make adjustments to maximize sales and finish the year strong.


Need help with holiday Facebook advertising? It’s not too late! Call us at 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas today.