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Now is the Time to Place Your Holiday Ads!


Now is the Time to Place Your Holiday Ads!

Here’s a thought: this is one time of year when people are actually interested in paying attention to your advertising message. They want to make purchases, but is your brand visible?


If you haven’t placed digital ads for the holiday season yet, NOW is the time to get that done!

And it goes beyond the static web ad; Facebook ads, paid search on Google, programmatic digital ads, and more are all important parts of getting your message out there during the holiday season. Here are a few other tips from us at 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas to make the most of your holiday advertising:


One Campaign; Multiple Messages

Don’t just run the same ads throughout the entire season, so that you can prevent ad fatigue. Sure you want all of your ads to look and feel the same, but refresh and customize them at least twice to reflect your current sales and promotions. Events like Black Friday are a great time to add a customized advertising message.


Invest in your Repeat Customers

As the saying goes, “it’s easier to keep a customer than to gain a new one.” Determine who your repeat customers are and offer specialized promotions and advertising for them. Loyalty programs are a great promotion here, and a way to make your customers feel special and appreciated.


Optimize for Mobile

More and more shoppers are using their mobile device to find products, and most often, those using a mobile have different immediate needs, and maybe even demographics, than those on a desktop computer. Tailor mobile device advertising to that group who may be looking for directions to a brick-and-mortar location, in-store coupons and discounts, etc.


Incorporate Video

Video continues to reel in customers, and research has proven that those who watch product videos are nearly twice as likely to purchase than those who did not view the video. That’s huge! Use your social media accounts to showcase your products and services through video and watch your sales increase in the process.


Overwhelmed with where to start on holiday digital advertising? Call us at 214 Interactive today and let us put together a customized digital approach that will make this holiday season the most profitable yet!