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User Generated Content: How to Leverage It for Your Small Business

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In a digital world, opportunities abound to create meaningful interactions with potential customers for pennies on the dollar. One such way to leverage all of this digital content is through utilizing user generated content. 214 Interactive – the #1 digital advertising agency in Plano, Texas – explains how to make it work for you:

What is User Generated Content?

User generated content is just what it sounds like: it’s meaningful online content created by people who have interacted with your brand. Maybe they have posted about how much they love the product they purchased. Maybe they have written a review about your customer service. These are examples of content you can use to strengthen your brand, created by unknowing brand ambassadors themselves. 

How to Leverage User Generated Content

Research has shown the value consumers place on other’s opinions, so user generated content can be an extremely valuable past of your marketing strategy. Here are a few simple ways to make it work for you:


This one is a no brainer. You don’t want to repost a customer’s experience or photo daily, but do make it a regular part of your routine. 214 Interactive is an expert in digital marketing and we can provide you with all the tools you need to find what others are saying about you. Hashtags and geotagging make this process simpler than ever.


Speaking of hashtags, you can always create your own hashtag and share it with your followers. Encourage them to use the hashtag in exchange for content entries, freebies, or discounts. These hashtags increase your visibility online and build engagement.

Utilizing Reviews

Online reviews – positive or negative – are an important part of user generated content. Encourage your followers and customers to post reviews and share these reviews with others in order to spread word-of-mouth about your business. Be sure to respond to all reviews in a timely manner because it shows the user and others that you value their opinion.

Need help leveraging user generated content? Look no further than 214 Interactive – your #1 digital advertising agency in Plano, Texas. We’d love to help with all your digital advertising needs including online reputation management, digital marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and SEO. 



4 Video Marketing Stats that Might Surprise You

What was once an optional part of your marketing strategy is now a necessity.

Video marketing has continued to grow, as customers spend more time online engaging with brands they are interested in and the production costs for making a video have decreased dramatically.

If you’re on the fence and still not sure if video marketing is right for your business, here are 4 video marketing stats that might surprise you:

Consumers Spend Nearly 90% More Time on Sites that Have Video

Want consumers to engage with your brand? Then put some videos on your website or social media pages! Video is a great way for potential customers to learn more about your brand, see in-depth product demonstrations, and gain depth on what your company is all about. 


A Video on Your Landing Page can Make your Site over 50% More Likely to Be on Page 1 of Google Search Results

If getting to the top of the search engine rankings is important to your business (and chances are it is!), then video is a great way to influence the Google search algorithms. Statistics are showing that websites with video on the landing page are seeing pretty big jumps in search rankings.


A Facebook Video has 135% More Reach than a Photo

Social media outlets are the perfect place for video content. In fact, stats are showing that as consumers watch more video, they are more likely to share videos that they found interesting, helping, engaging, etc. – so much so that they are getting more broad, organic reach than the standard photo posted.


Intent to Purchase Jumps Up 97% when a Consumer Watches Video

Research is showing over and over again than consumers who engage with your brand on a regular basis – particularly through video – will be more likely to purchase something from your company when the need/want arises.

The research is pretty clear: now is the time to devise a video marketing strategy!

If you’re unsure about where to begin, call us at 214 Interactive, a top digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in video marketing, video marketing strategy, social media marketing, and all things digital.

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3 Positive Ways to Respond to Negative Reviews


3 Positive Ways to Respond to Negative Reviews

Your business just received a negative review – now what?!

Don’t panic. When you own a business, negative reviews are bound to happen. Use the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive with these 3 online reputation management tips from 214 Interactive:


Say I’m Sorry

This is difficult at times, especially when you don’t feel like your team did anything wrong. Regardless, take ownership for the situation, saying something like, “It is our goal to provide the best customer service at all times, and we apologize that your needs were not met.” Sometimes just telling someone you are sorry – instead of arguing with them and pointing out their fault in the situation – can go a long way to restoring the customer experience.


Give a Quick Response

The longer a negative review sits there unanswered by your company, the more damage it can do to your brand. Providing excellent customer service means that you respond to these reviews quickly, showing the customer that you value their business and their opinion.

No time to keep up with when reviews are posted? 214 Interactive can help with our online reputation management monitoring that will track all activity in relation to your brand and let you know the minute something is posted.


Continue the Conversation Offline

If someone provides feedback on an experience that needs more personalized assistance, encourage the reviewer to make contact offline to continue the conversation. Keep online feedback brief and to the point, but in-depth conversations can be handled by a manager offline and will likely further satisfy the complaint.


Need help managing negative reviews? 214 Interactive – a leading digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas - has the tools to make it a breeze! Give us a call today and we’ll set you up with everything you need to protect your brand’s online reputation.


Let an Influencer Sell Your Brand. Here’s How:


Let an Influencer Sell Your Brand. Here’s How:

First and foremost, you may be thinking to yourself, “okay, what is an influencer?”

Let’s just get that out of the way, shall we. An influencer is anyone with a large following on social media who influences others through their posts. They may influence people to think a certain way, buy a certain product, or visit a specific place.

Partnering with these influencers – termed influencer marketing - can be huge in terms of gaining brand awareness and increasing sales. In fact, a recent Twitter survey found that people trust influencers they follow on social media (49%) almost as much as they trust their friends (57%)!

So how do you capitalize on the value influencer marketing? Here are 5 tips to getting influencers to sell your brand:


Find the Right Influencers

Start by finding like-minded folks with a strong social media presence. Video content and YouTube continue to grow and many YouTube personalities have millions of followers. Look for influencers on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter who have the same target demographic as your goods or services.


Gift them some Product

This one is a no brainer. Once you’ve identified influencers who are influencing your target market, sending products out to influencers in hopes that they will try them and recommend them via social content is an easy way to spread your message. While not all of your gifts will translate to content or endorsements, you can expect that some will create increased brand awareness.


Sponsor a Post

Instead of just sending product for free and wondering if you will receive content from it, you can send product to an influencer and pay them to review your product or service. Sure, there are requirements that they have to mention it’s a sponsored post, but the content and opinion is still the influencer’s and followers are paying attention.


Create a Giveaway

Influencers love giving away free stuff, so another alternative to gifting product is to partner with an influencer to set up a giveaway. Find a product or service that the influencer’s followers – aka your target market – are excited about. Not only will this build brand awareness, but it creates buzz as well.


Write a Guest Post

Want to show your audience that you are an industry expert? Ask desirable influencers if they are open to guests posts via their social media accounts. If your potential customers see that the influencer trusts your opinion, they will likely follow suit.


Want more ideas on how to use influencer marketing to your advantage? Call 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas today! Social marketing, influencer marketing, and all things digital are our expertise and we’d love to help you build your business.