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5 Reasons to Jump on the Houzz Bandwagon Today


5 Reasons to Jump on the Houzz Bandwagon Today

As we covered in our last blog, Houzz is an incredible resource for companies that have any tie to home services. Architects, remodelers, plumbers, designers, painters, and more can all reap the rewards of Houzz marketing.


But what exactly can marketing with Houzz do for your small business? What makes it so special? 214 Interactive has pinpointed 5 key reasons your business needs to jump on the Houzz bandwagon today:


#1: Free, Qualified Leads

How often are you able to capture leads from people in the buying process with the money to move forward with the purchase? It can be difficult to find avenues to advertise where this is the case, and Houzz is the perfect candidate. According to Houzz research, 89% of their 6 million users own their own homes, make over $100k a year, and are planning to complete home projects within the next 2 years. We’d say that’s pretty qualified. 


#2: Boost in Website Traffic

The more photos, keywords, and community interactions your business has on Houzz, the more opportunities you have to drive website traffic to YOUR website. And with 28 million site visits per month, Houzz has plenty of traffic to send your way.


#3: Free Editorial Features

The Houzz editorial team puts out 10 articles a day on home design, home improvements, etc. and each one is chock full of content that is pulled from Houzz business sites. It costs the businesses nothing to be featured and could mean major returns and increased business exposure to the millions viewing the site. Businesses can even recommend projects or photos to be featured by submitting to the editorial team for review.


#4: Free Marketing Research

Houzz is pretty savvy and has tons of in-house tools to monitor who is using the site and what is being viewed. This information is passed along to the individual companies completely for free. Find out which photos resonate with consumers, what ideabooks they like, and what keywords they are searching for – then harness that opportunity to engage via other mediums.


#5: Search Engine Boost

Houzz has such high search engine rankings that companies can benefit from barnacle SEO, meaning they will by default get a boost in search results just by having a profile on the Houzz website. Maximizing keywords and descriptors within your profile online increases your SEO advantage.


Looking for ways to maximize your presence on Houzz? Call 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas today! Let us put our digital advertising expertise to work for you. 


5 Reasons a Web Design Consultant is Essential for your Business


5 Reasons a Web Design Consultant is Essential for your Business

We all have our areas of expertise.

Let’s say you’re a photographer. You’re an expert in all things related to taking amazing photos, but no one expects you to be an expert at financial planning. The same is true for web design.

Web design consultants live and breathe the business and can fill in the knowledge gaps. In this day and age, there are there are so many ins and outs to optimizing web design that it’s best – if not essential – for your business to bring in expert web design consultants to maximize your web design. Here’s why:


1.     The Landscape is Ever Changing

Redesigning a website is expensive, and many small businesses are tempted to update the design and then let it go for a few years. Unfortunately, what was best for Dallas web design a year ago may no longer be best. A web design consultant from 214 Interactive can look at the existing design periodically and evaluate what is working, and what might need some tweaking. While you might miss an opportunity, our design consultants are here to offer unbiased advice to maximize viewership and conversion.


2.     Reliable Copywriters and Designers can be Hard to Find

So about those website updates…they need copywriters and designers, right? We know as well as anyone that finding the right person for the job can be tough. Why not rely on a company like 214 Interactive to do all the handiwork for you. As a full service digital advertising agency, we’ve got everything you need to make your website as polished as possible – with little effort on your part.


3.     SEO is an Ever-Evolving Beast

There’s more to a website than beautiful design, functionality, and great content. In order to maximize page views and attract qualified leads, search engine optimization (SEO) must be on point. Google is the largest search engine and it is constantly changing the standards for how sites are ranked. We don’t expect you to know when these changes happen or what they are, but if you aren’t working with an agency who DOES know and is looking out for your company's best interest, then you are missing key opportunities to connect with potential customers.


4.     Analytics Maximize Investment

You’ve put all of this money into a new website, and it’s crucial for your business that it’s consistently maximizing leads. Our team of web design consultants run routine diagnostics on your website, ensuring that every aspect of your website investment is being maximized.  From monitoring keyword trends, to conversion funnels, to determining how much time is spent on the site, and a plethora of other tools, knowledge is power. And without it, you are missing opportunities to grow your business.


5.     Professional Support When You Need It

One of the best things about having a web design consultant is that help is never more than a call away. Any concern or recommendation – big or small – 214 Interactive is here to offer expert advice. As a top digital advertising agency, we have a full arsenal of tools at your disposal.


Ready to get some expert web design advice? Call 214 interactive in Dallas, Texas today.


How to Setup a LinkedIn Company Page - 214 Interactive

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How to Setup a LinkedIn Company Page - 214 Interactive

Most of our clients at 214 Interactive are active on LinkedIn with personal profiles, but many are missing a key opportunity to connect with potential employees, customers, and brand ambassadors by not creating a LinkedIn Company Page as well. Let’s walk through the “whys” and “hows” of setting up a Company Page:


Why Should I Create a LinkedIn Company Page?


·      Launchpad for Business Growth: When you are using LinkedIn as a personal user, your talents, achievements, and business accolades are front and center. Now think about harnessing that same goodwill for your own company! With a corporate page, your company can shine: showcasing achievements, new product launches, industry news, and more. Think about it as a resource just as valuable as Facebook or Twitter for sharing information.

·      Networking: As your employees join LinkedIn and put in your company as their place of employment, LinkedIn will automatically link their profile to your company page, thus linking you to their contacts. LinkedIn is a great place to network, and the more your company connects with others and shares information about itself and the industry, the more opportunities to build a loyal following and reach your target audience.

·      Effective SEO Tool: LinkedIn is great because it’s measurable. Unlike LinkedIn Personal Pages, Company Pages are public pages, allowing them to show up in web search engine results. This is great for SEO. The more keyword-rich content you share via your LinkedIn Company Page, the more opportunities you have for your company to register favorably on search engines. LinkedIn also has its own tools you can use to measure effectiveness of your posts.


How do I Setup a LinkedIn Company Page?


First things first: before setting up your page, make sure you – or the admin - can check “yes” to all of the following:

·      Must have a LinkedIn personal profile that is 7 days old, “intermediate” or “all-star” profile strength, and have at least several personal connections established.

·      Must be a current employee of the company and your position must be listed on your profile.

·      Must have a company email address with a company domain name attached to it.


Answered yes to all? Continue on!

1.     Click here and click “Get Started.”

2.     Enter the company name and your company email address.

3.     Type 250-2000 characters worth of a company description and add your company’s URL.

4.     Publish!


Still need help? Call 214 Interactive – a full service digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas – today, and let us help you harness the power of LinkedIn to grow your business.


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