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Lead Generation: 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid


Lead Generation: 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Small business thrive on lead generation. 

Healthy businesses need new people entering their lead generation – or purchase funnel  - regularly, so that as people move through the buying process, new people can emerge to keep the cycle going. 

But how do you keep the process going? Are there things your business is doing wrong today that is stunting growth? Read on to learn a few common lead generation mistakes we see at 214 Interactive and how to avoid them:

1.    Ignoring People Who are Early in the Buying Process

It can be tempting to label someone who seems further out from making a purchase a “bad lead,” but resist the urge. That same “bad lead” may just be early on in the purchase cycle, but feeding them appropriate content and keeping them interested and engaged can get them closer to becoming a consumer of your product or service. 

2.    Feeding People Bad Information

You have good intentions of course, but if you don’t tailor a message toward the stage someone is at in the purchase funnel, then they may be turned off from your brand. Instead, evaluate how you can better engage with that person where they are today. Maybe someone who is collecting information about your company wants to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes, while someone who is serious about purchasing today wants access to product specs and current offers. 

3.    Giving Up on a Campaign Too Soon

When launching an online campaign, it’s important to have measurable metrics for that campaign and to evaluate accordingly. Be sure to give your campaign time to do what it is designed to do before scratching it completely. 

4.    Keeping the Message Too Broad

You may think that getting your ads in front of as many people as possible is the best way to increase lead generation and overall sales, but often it can backfire. As a small business, focus on niche marketing and where you can stand out against the competition. Know your core audience and tailor your messages to them. 

Need help generating and qualifying leads? 214 Interactive – a digital advertising agency in Plano, Texas – can help! Our team specializes in online marketing strategies and would love to meet with you for a consult.  

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Claim Your Free Google My Business Profile and Reap Instant Rewards

As a small business owner, few things in life are free, but a Google My Business profile is one! If you haven’t already claimed your business and are using the free tools Google provides, then you are missing out on opportunities to grow your business.

JB Collision Repair: 1,032 People Found Them on Google

Case and point: one of our clients here at 214 Interactive, JB Collision Repair in Lewisville, Texas. JB Collision Repair claimed their Google My Business account and began managing it, and the results are impressive. Simply by creating an account, Google reports that 1,032 found them in January, with 20 asking for directions and 6 calling their business to do business with them. What other free service reaps that kind of reward?

JB Collision Repair 214 Interactive Dallas Texas

Go Beyond Claiming Your Google My Business Account

Claiming your account is simple, and the full directions are listed here. But don’t stop there! Google has created quite a few tools for small businesses within the Google My Business profiles, and it’s important to keep up with them. Here are a few reasons why you must continue to monitor your Google My Business account:

·     Prevent Inaccurate Information: Be aware that in each profile listing that appears to others, there is a place to click to “suggest an edit.” This is an opportunity for basically anyone to go in and chance your hours of operation, location, etc. Google is supposed to send the business owner an email when these edits occur, but they are spotty at best. Instead, login in regularly to make sure all information is always accurate. 

·     Create Free Posts: Just like mini-ads, Google My Business owners have the opportunity to create free posts that will show up in their listing. These posts can tell about upcoming events and specials, new products, or just about anything you want to advertise. 

·     Adapt to New Search Methods: Google is constantly changing their algorithms – and the way people search is often evolving as well. Google knows this, and they offer tools to help businesses in that regard. For example, emojis have become a popular way of searching. By incorporating emojis into your profile, that can boost your search results. 

·     Respond to Messages: Potential customers have the opportunity to ask questions – and if you don’t respond – you’re losing opportunities for business.

Ready to jump in? Not sure where to start? 214 Interactive in Plano, Texas is your one-stop shop digital advertising agency, and we can manage your Google My Business account for you. Call us today, and let’s chat about how 214 Interactive + a Google My Business Profile can grow your business.