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Stop Making these Common Facebook Ad Mistakes Now

Understanding online advertising, social media advertising, and specifically Facebook advertising can be tricky. It’s easy to just spend some money and hope for the best.

Most small businesses operate this way, and it’s time to stop. Let’s start thinking strategically. Are you making any of these common Facebook ad mistakes?


Mistake #1: Ignoring Your Leads

Many times, small businesses spend a little money on ads, don’t see a huge increase in revenue, and assume it didn’t work. The more important question is – did you capture any leads? Research shows that people rarely buy products and services from first encounters with a brand. They need to learn to trust and like your brand before they’ll spend money with you.

Want a way to get over this hurdle fast? Use a tripwire. A tripwire is a special deal, discount, or promotion – think deep discounts here – that you’ll give to someone in exchange for their email address/contact information. Now you’ve made a moderate sale (revenue) and you can keep in contact with the person with hopes of future sales (lead generation).


Mistake #2: Targeting the Wrong Audience

Facebook ads are pretty cool because they are full customizable to the target audience of your choice. Play around with different audiences and see who responds best to the tripwire offer. Want to know if it’s working? If 6-10% of your targeted leads are responding, then you know you have the right audience. If not, keep adjusting until you find the right fit.


Mistake #3: Believing a Lack of Revenue from Ads is All Bad News

As we just explained, a lack of revenue from your Facebook ads directly is not necessarily a bad thing. Crunch the numbers and make sure that you are at least breaking even on the cost you are spending on leads vs. the revenue they are bringing in. Remember that the real profit will come when those nurtured leads get to know your brand and spend more money down the road.


Need help navigating Facebook ads and social media advertising in general? As a leading Dallas digital advertising agency, 214 Interactive has you covered. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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4 Trends in Online Reputation Management You Need to Know About


4 Trends in Online Reputation Management You Need to Know About

Controlling your business’s online reputation can be hard.


And if there’s anything we’ve learned, the Internet, social media, and everything in it is constantly changing. Just when you’ve figured out how to appropriately handle online reviews and customer interactions, the landscape changes.


So what can we expect in 2017? 214 Interactive brings you 4 online reputation management trends you need to know about:


1.  Consumers are Wary of False Reviews

A recent study by shows that a whopping 90% of Americans are wary of online reviews, believing many are fake or misleading reviews. And unfortunately, there is reason for concern. Recent data has shown that as many as 33% of online product reviews and 16% of restaurant reviews are actually fake reviews. This is important for small businesses and restaurants to be mindful of in building credibility and offsetting the negative impact.


2.  Make Way for the Chief Experience Officer

In order to optimize customer interactions in 2017, businesses of all sizes must find a person to handle marketing strategies with a holistic approach. Today’s CMOs must be Chief Experience Officer, making the experiences of customers on social media, review sites, etc. a pivotal touchpoint for branding and customer service.


3.  More Time is Being Spent Researching Than Ever Before

A recent survey by WebPunch showed that 30% of people will spend more than an hour researching a product or service before purchasing – whether it was a cheap purchase (under $200) or expensive (over $500). This tells us that online reviews continue to hold value and there are business growth opportunities in combining online reputation management in Dallas with SEO.


4.  Online Reviews are Growing

The influential power of online reviews isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, as the number of online review sites continues to increase. Google and Yelp continue to lead the pack, but social media reviews are increasing daily. Users want their opinions heard, and in turn, they want to share product experiences, customer service interactions, etc. It’s a trend that will continue to increase in 2017 and beyond.

Ready to get a handle on your business’s online reputation? 214 Interactive – a full service digital advertising agency in Dallas – specializes in online reputation management and would love to discuss opportunities for your business. Give us a call today!


Instagram Stories: The Latest and Greatest Marketing Tool


Instagram Stories: The Latest and Greatest Marketing Tool

If you are an avid Instagram user (and have updated your Instagram app recently), then you’ve noticed something new to the platform: Instagram Stories.


What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories takes one of the best features of Snapchat (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) and turns it into a valuable brand building tool, backed by the well-known – and well-loved - Instagram platform. The feature gives you the opportunity to create a story – using videos, photos, and fun icons – that shows up separately from your normal Instagram feed. Simply point, shoot, and upload. Weave together a story throughout your day. The content will remain active on your Instagram Stories feed for 24 hours before it vanishes.


Is Instagram Stories Right for My Business?

Absolutely yes. No matter the industry, Instagram Stories gives you and your business a way to connect with your audience in new, fun, and meaningful ways. Here’s why we love it:

1.     User Friendly: While the Snapchat app may not be known for its user friendly interface, Instagram is so easy your 14 year-old niece doesn’t need to give you pointers.

2.     Broad Audience: Unless your business is built on millenials (Snapchat’s core demographic), then Instagram is where you want to be. With over 500 million users, Instagram appeals to a broad range of demographics.

3.     Searchability: Instagram’s built in search tools make searching for users to follow a breeze, providing greater reach to your core audience.

4.     Know Who Viewed Your Content: Post a story, and then easily track how many views your Instagram Story got – and who watched it. This real-time data allows you to adjust content moving forward – and even share content on other platforms that is performing well. 

5.     Perfect for Exclusive Content: Build buzz around a current promotion. Remind your followers about upcoming events. Go behind the scenes with exclusive content. Tease an upcoming product launch. The possibilities are endless!


Want to learn more about Instagram Stories for businesses? Not sure where to start?

At 214 Interactive, a full service digital adverting agency in Dallas, Texas, we are excited about this new advertising platform and would love to show you how it can help your business grow. Give us a call today to set up a consultation to talk Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and all things "social media."