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5 Types of Business Videos that Will Increase Sales


5 Types of Business Videos that Will Increase Sales

Research has proven that today’s consumers are using video more and more before making a purchasing decision.


Not to mention, it also increases the amount of time a potential customer will spend on your website period, which increases the likelihood of a sale.


If your business is not yet utilizing the full benefits of video to increase conversion rates, then you’re missing a huge opportunity! Here are 5 different types of business videos that 214 Interactive – a digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas – recommends to our clients:


1.   Product Videos

Do you have a brand new product that you want to showcase? Or maybe a product that is difficult to understand? A well done video on the product’s features and benefits – along with beautifully photography – is sure to impress buyers in the awareness and consideration phases of the buying process.


2.   Product Update Videos

These are videos that are targeted to current customers, letting them know about new features that have been released or a newer model that has been released. This is a great opportunity to use your sales force – someone your customers have grown to know and trust – in the video for a deeper connection to your product and brand. After blasting this video out, have your team follow up with your customers directly to make sure they received the product update video and answer any questions they may have. 


3.   Explainer Videos

These videos take the time to teach customers – or potential customers - a skill as it relates to your product or industry. Not sure you have anything to explain? Talk to your customer service team about the most common questions they get on a regular basis because explainer videos are a great chance to answer those questions before a customer ever realizes they have a question! And when future questions arise, you can direct customers to the website for further engagement with your brand and succinct communication.


4.   Testimonial Videos

People respect other people and their own personal opinions with a product, which is why review sites are so popular. Contact the customers who are your biggest supporters and ask them to do a testimonial video. This is a great way to add additional website or blog content that can be shared via your social media channels.


5.   Promotional Videos

These videos are great when you have an upcoming event going on and want people to understand all the details about that event. Whether it’s a product launch party, product demonstration, training event, or fundraising opportunity, use a promotional video to explain the details, along with a call to action to register now!


Want to learn more about how video can take your business to the next level? 214 Interactive is all about creating engaging, measurable content that will grow your business. Let us explain the ins and outs of video content creation in Dallas, along with what we do to measure play back rates, engagement, production timelines, and more.

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4 Video Marketing Stats that Might Surprise You

What was once an optional part of your marketing strategy is now a necessity.

Video marketing has continued to grow, as customers spend more time online engaging with brands they are interested in and the production costs for making a video have decreased dramatically.

If you’re on the fence and still not sure if video marketing is right for your business, here are 4 video marketing stats that might surprise you:

Consumers Spend Nearly 90% More Time on Sites that Have Video

Want consumers to engage with your brand? Then put some videos on your website or social media pages! Video is a great way for potential customers to learn more about your brand, see in-depth product demonstrations, and gain depth on what your company is all about. 


A Video on Your Landing Page can Make your Site over 50% More Likely to Be on Page 1 of Google Search Results

If getting to the top of the search engine rankings is important to your business (and chances are it is!), then video is a great way to influence the Google search algorithms. Statistics are showing that websites with video on the landing page are seeing pretty big jumps in search rankings.


A Facebook Video has 135% More Reach than a Photo

Social media outlets are the perfect place for video content. In fact, stats are showing that as consumers watch more video, they are more likely to share videos that they found interesting, helping, engaging, etc. – so much so that they are getting more broad, organic reach than the standard photo posted.


Intent to Purchase Jumps Up 97% when a Consumer Watches Video

Research is showing over and over again than consumers who engage with your brand on a regular basis – particularly through video – will be more likely to purchase something from your company when the need/want arises.

The research is pretty clear: now is the time to devise a video marketing strategy!

If you’re unsure about where to begin, call us at 214 Interactive, a top digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in video marketing, video marketing strategy, social media marketing, and all things digital.

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Online Video Grows in 2017 – What’s Your Video Strategy?


Online Video Grows in 2017 – What’s Your Video Strategy?

Here are a few stats you simply can't ignore:


“In 2017, 74% of web traffic will come from video.” Syndacast


And another…


“In 2017, 90% of the online population will watch videos online on a regular basis.” Forrester


So basically – 2017 is the year of the video, and if your business wants to be competitive in today’s marketplace, video content must be a key part of your marketing strategy and here’s why:


1.  Videos increase purchases.


It’s not just about views. When a shopper views a video, they are almost twice as likely to make a purchase that someone who did not. Whether that is a product demonstration, someone reviewing a product, or just brand content – viewing videos online helps consumers get a better feel for what they are purchasing.


2.  Mobile users thrive on online videos.


Mobile marketing continues to be an important piece of the marketing mix and as video grows, so does the necessity for online videos. 92% of mobile users share clips with others; imagine if that was your company’s content!


3.  Millennials dig it.


If your restaurant or business is targeting the younger generation, then video content is a must! In fact, 18-34 year olds watch more YouTube videos than they do actual cable TV shows!


4.  Video is here to stay.


Statistics show that online video content is growing rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


So here’s the question: What’s your video strategy?


Let 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas help! As a Dallas full service digital advertising agency, we are experts in video content creation, tailored to fit your company’s needs and marketing strategy. We enlist partners like 40Volt Media to produce the best product possible.


Whether you have a video strategy that needs tweaking or haven’t even considered the value of video to your business, call the Dallas video strategy experts - 214 Interactive - today to get started! 


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