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5 Reasons You Should Never Delete Negative Company Reviews


5 Reasons You Should Never Delete Negative Company Reviews

Sounds counter-intuitive right….why would I want anyone to read negative feedback about my company? Won’t it make potential customers shy away from doing business with me?

Surprisingly, the answer is no.

In fact, consumers will actually trust your brand 68% more if they see that you have positive and negative reviews!

At 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas we specialize in online reputation management and here are 5 reasons you should never delete negative reviews:


Negative Reviews Build Trust

It’s impossible to please everyone, so if your company shows no negative reviews, people will question it. One study shows that 30% of consumers will even go as far as to believe your reviews are all fake if none are negative. Showing that your company isn’t perfect – then responding to those imperfect reviews in a timely and positive manner – helps build rapport and trustworthiness with potential customers.


Negative Reviews Give you an Opportunity for Improvement

Instead of just deleting negative reviews, use them as a learning opportunity. Why did someone report negatively? Is there room for improvement in a certain area? No company is perfect, and you might never have known where your shortcomings are if someone hadn’t reported them.


Negative Reviews Can Be Salvaged

It costs 7 times more to gain new customers than to keep the ones you have. Proper online reputation management in Dallas will help you know how to respond to reviews quickly and effectively, and in most cases, a customer will come back to your company if their issue is resolved to their satisfaction.


Negative Reviews Boost Customer Service Opportunities

What separates a great company from an average company? It’s the customer service experience. When you respond publicly to negative reviews, you are not only showing that reviewer that you value their business and their opinion, but you are showing the world your customer service skills.


Negative Reviews Can Produce Long-Term Benefits

As you analyze and respond to negative reviews, you’ll see your business flourish. While it can be hard to take criticism, you’ll experience the long-term benefits of making adjustments, serving your customers, and being proactive.

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