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The Crappy Story About Facebook


The Crappy Story About Facebook

Your witty, hilarious and well-thought-out Facebook post you've just spent 2 1/2 minutes of your life crafting will now be seen by only approximately 6% of your fan-base [Insert frowny-face emoji] according to recent studies. 

Why?  Have you been on Facebook lately?  Have you seen the enormous amount of crap?  That pile of crap is quickly turning into a mountain region of crap, and Facebook has to implement new algorithms to sort through said crap.  They have over 100,000 factors, which give weight what content is most relevant to you.  That means your crappy (I mean witty) post has to compete with much less-crappy posts in order to rise to the top of your crappy friends' Facebook crap.  The average Facebook user has 338 friends [insert sympathetic face emoji], and there are between 1,500 - 15,000 pieces of content Facebook could serve you up when you log in.  That's a lot of crap. 


So if you have 200 fans, maybe 12 people will see your post.  And what's worse is that number is expected to decline.  Why?  $.  That's why.    

For a while, Google didn't care about monetizing its search results…they just wanted to offer "the most relevant search experience".  Haha.  LOL.  [insert sarcastic emoji].  And now look at them all…greedy, corporate slaves sacrificing the quality of their core product in order to put a mischievous grin on other greedy wall-street types.  Oh, and you if you're a stock holder.  

So how do you get your fan-base to see your ads?  Dig deep, put your pride aside and pull out your credit card.   Don't kill the messenger, but as a business, it's time to realize you actually have to pay for your advertising on the internet.  The free ride is over. 

Google has made it much more difficult to show up Organically in (the free) search for the terms you want.  Therefore, we recommend utilizing Google Adwords, where you have FULL control over where your listings show up, when they show up and to whom.  And when you're only paying when people click your ads, it's a no-lose situation.   You are showing your ads to people who are actively in the market (searching) for your products & services.  It doesn't get better than that.

Facebook is no different.  We recently ran a Facebook "Offer" campaign for a local restaurant.  They spent $200 in 30 days, got 120 people to claim the offer, and their ad was shown to over 26,000 people in their geographic / demographic who were "interested" in Sunday brunch.   You can't beat that type of advertising.  Anyhere. 

Regardless, the race to obtain free advertising will ensue, and we predict a new form of SEO will emerge - Social Media Optimization.  Let's call it "SMO".  You heard that here first, folks.  The goal will be to optimize your social posts to reach the highest percentage of your audience without paying a dime.  Unless you're paying us to optimize it for you [insert winky emoji].