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Social Media for Small Business: 4 Tasks You Must Do Everyday


Social Media for Small Business: 4 Tasks You Must Do Everyday

Every small business owner knows the value and importance of working their business day-after-day. And just like you work your business contacts, run through your advertising and marketing campaigns, and train your sales staff, you need to put your social media sites to work each day as well. 

But how do you do that? With so many sites to participate in – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, etc. - social media marketing can seem overwhelming…but it doesn’t have to be. 

Start small.

214 Interactive is here to recommend 4 social media tasks you must do everyday to watch your business take off: 

1.    Post New Content

Your followers are creating content and you should too! Have a social media calendar that outlines when to post and what to post about. New posts keep you current and top-of-mind to your followers. What should you post? While posts about current offers and new products are great, also provide content that will enrich the lives of your followers and is relevant to your business.

2.    Respond to Comments

Whether it’s a question on your Instagram Story or a negative review on your Facebook page, take the time to respond to each post – and do it in a timely manner. Responding to reviews and comments – positive or negative – opens dialogue and shows anyone reading your comments that you care about customer service.

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3.    Analyze the Data

What good does it do to post and bother with a social media marketing plan when you don’t analyze the data? At minimum, visit the analytics section of your business sites and take a look at how your posts are performing, what the clickthrough rate is, bounce rate, how many people shared your posts, how many new likes or followers you have, etc. 

4.    Create Influencer Relationships

Social media influencers are those who are out there as walking brand ambassadors. They review products and services, and then share with their long list of followers. When they feature your products, you tap into their fan base and have access to a whole new treasure chest of like-minded, potential customers. Find social media influencers that are relevant to your business, and then come to them with a proposal to showcase your brand. 

If this list of tasks seems daunting, we absolutely get it. 

At 214 Interactive, a top digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas, we handle these daily social media tasks for our clients, freeing them up to build their business in other ways. If you’re in need of a social media strategy and someone to manage your social media marketing campaign, let’s talk. 


Want to Learn How to Send Attention-Grabbing Emails? Read On –


Want to Learn How to Send Attention-Grabbing Emails? Read On –

Daily, our inboxes are flooded with emails. Offers from major businesses, updates on pertinent information about activities and events, work-related emails, and occasionally a note from a friend.

With the flood of emails that fill your customers’ inboxes daily, how do you get noticed? It’s an age old question when it comes to email marketing, and 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas is here with 4 tips on how to create attention grabbing emails

1.    Offer Specials that are Truly Special

As big box retailers roll out emails day after day, advertising their latest discounts and incentives, customers become immune to their email tactics. They stop paying attention. As a small business, one way you can stand out from the pack is to send special offers that are few and far between, so when your customers get an email that says “limited time deal!” then they’ll know you’re serious. Many small businesses can build a loyal following by offering annual or semi-annual sales that spark interest from their customer base. 

2.    Share Helpful Content

Good content doesn’t always have to be a sale or the latest deal. If your business is one where your customers might make a purchase once every few years, then staying present with tips and tricks, industry news, latest trends, etc. reminds them that you’re there. It also builds loyalty that you have their best interest in mind and aren’t just about getting the sale. It’s also a great way to introduce customers to other products and services you may offer that they don’t even realize they need. 

3.    Take Advantage of Seasonal Announcements

Look at the calendar year and build out an entire calendar of email blasts, focusing on seasonal information and dates when customers may be in need of your products. If you aren’t, then you can bet your competitors are! Also, use your customer database and send personalized emails for anniversaries, birthdays, warranty renewals, etc.

4.    Make it Personal

If there is one thing a small business have going for it, it’s that it’s not a big-box company. You have the opportunity to show who you are and why customers choose to do business with you. Highlight milestones within your company, tell interesting stories from customers who loved your products, or even post about your charitable contributions and sponsorships. People love seeing the personal side of a business.

Ready to improve your email marketing strategy in Dallas? Call us at 214 Interactive today! We specialize in digital advertising and content creation, and our team would love to put together a plan to grow your business. 


Do You Have a Social Media Editorial Calendar?


Do You Have a Social Media Editorial Calendar?

Like any small business owner, you’re doing what you can do leverage social media to your benefit, but have you gone as far as to create a social media editorial calendar?

What is a Social Media Editorial Calendar?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a calendar that maps out each social media touchpoint – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – and it shows what content will post to which site, on which day. It’s simply a strategic way to get on top of your messaging and make it work for you. 

The Value of a Social Media Editorial Calendar 

While it may seem tedious, an editorial calendar gives you a great “at a glance” picture of what messages are being communicated and where. By seeing them all in one place, you can see if you want to move messaging around, evaluate whether the various messages work together, see if there are gaps in messaging, etc. Plus – by doing the strategic legwork up front, it frees you up to execute more efficiently as the month goes on.

How to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar

You may be thinking, “that’s great, but I’m not sure where to start.” Here are a few simple steps from 214 Interactive – a digital agency that specializes in online content creation – on how to create your editorial calendar:

·     Find Out What Your Audience Likes: Each business is different and each audience has different ways they like to be communicated too. Look back at your past social media posts. Which ones received the most likes? Were any of them shared a ton? Figure out what messages resonate with your audience and build the calendar around those themes.

·     Determine a Schedule for Each Site: Decide how often you’d like to post on each social media site, and then decide what content should fill those slots. A good rule of thumb is 3-10 posts on Facebook a week; other sites vary depending on your goals.

·     Begin Creating Content: Determine if you will be creating the content yourself or will you use an agency to help with this? Will your content be articles or blogs, simple memes or images, or a combination? If you’re unsure, then it’s a good idea to touch base with a digital advertising agency that specializes in online content creation to determine which approach is best for you.

214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas has helped many of our clients get ahead through social media editorial calendars, and we’d love to help you too! Give us a call today to set up a consultation. 


Yelp for Business Owners: New Feature Makes It Easier than Ever to Update Your Profile


Yelp for Business Owners: New Feature Makes It Easier than Ever to Update Your Profile

Yelp is a great tool for businesses, as it’s yet another point of contact with your customers, providing ways to enhance the customer service experience and add useful content.

If you utilize other social media and review sites for your business – like Facebook, Google My Business, etc. – then it’s time to jump on and create a Yelp for Business Owners profile as well. In fact, Yelp has approx. 139 million unique users each month, so without a profile, you are missing a great opportunity to interact with your customers.

Already Have a Yelp for Business Owners Profile? 

Great! Then you’re going to love this new tool Yelp has unveiled! Businesses can now manage all users to their business profile from one login. No need to share your login with anyone in the company who needs to edit; you have the power to add/remove users to the account, creating a more streamlined experience for all involved. 

What Can the Users Do In the Account?

The users you add to the account act just as an admin with the ability to respond to reviews and other messages customers post, upload photos and content to your page, add/remove users, and update payment information in the account. You can have up to 15 unique users on the account and any business with fewer than 10 locations can get this setup with a few clicks in their Yelp for Business Owners profile. An email will be sent to you each time a change is made, so that it’s easy to see what other users are doing in your account. 

How Do I Invite Others to Manage My Yelp for Business Owners Profile?

1.    First, go to your Account Settings.

2.    Click User Management. (If you don’t see this, then visit this page for reference.)

3.    Select Invite a User.

4.    Add a Job Title for the user you are adding.

5.    Provide the email address where you want the invite to be sent.

6.    Grant access to the business locations that user can edit.

7.    Send your invite!

Want to learn more about Yelp for Business Owners? 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas specializes in social media marketing, online content creation, online reputation management, and helping your business navigate the digital space. Call us today to set up a consultation for how we can help your small business.  


How to Build a Successful Twitter Profile – 214 Interactive


How to Build a Successful Twitter Profile – 214 Interactive

Does it really matter what my Twitter profile looks like?

We get this question from clients a lot, and the simple answer is YES!

Every brand touchpoint – whether it’s your website, product packaging, emails, and of course social media outlets – should all feel like one cohesive brand. Everything should look, feel, and sound a certain way. Twitter is no exception. Here are 4 simple tips on how to build a successful Twitter profile that attracts others to your brand:


Step 1: Brand Your Profile

This of this as getting dressed. You want your profile to look like you and your brand. Start by incorporating a current profile pic of you wearing corporate attire or colors. Then, adjust the “theme color” and the “cover photo” to reflect your brand as well. The cover photo should feel like an ad of sorts that tells people something about you and your company. You can use Photoshop or free services like Canva to create a perfect cover photo. Again, the goal here is consistency. 


Step 2: Provide Relevant Content

Twitter is all about what you say, so make each post count! Appeal to potential customers by posting and retweeting relevant industry news and articles. This is also a great place to link content from your website’s blog (you do have one, right?). Not only does this provide great, original content to your audience, but it drives traffic to engage on your website as well. 


Step 3: Work at It Daily

Building a business is like working out. You gain more traction when you do it every day. Make time each day – maybe 15-30 minutes – to focus on your social media outlets like Twitter marketing and engage with your audience. Retweet, respond, and post to your hearts content. Each connection is building your brand. You can even schedule posts in advance so that they are equally spaced throughout the month without any additional work on your end. 


If you’re unsure on how to get your business noticed on Twitter or other social media outlets, call us at 214 Interactive today! We are a digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas that specializes in social media marketing, content creation, SEO, and more. Let us get your brand where you want it to be! 



Beyond Facebook: Why Instagram Advertising is a Must


Beyond Facebook: Why Instagram Advertising is a Must

In today’s fast paced, digital society, social media advertising is a necessity. And while most small businesses do a great job of getting in the game and advertising with Google and Facebook, can we fill you in on a potential blind spot?


Instagram – now owned by Facebook – is a great platform for social media advertising, and one that is frequently overlooked. Here are 3 reasons the folks here at 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas believe Instagram advertising is a must:


1.   Instagram is one of the Fastest Growing Social Media Outlets

Want to extend your reach and bring in new customers? Instagram is a great place to start, as it has doubled in size over the last two years. There are now 800 million active users on the site and 17% of those users get on the website at least twice a day! Instagram opens the doors of your business to a whole new group of people to engage with your brand.


2.   Great Opportunity to Attract New Millennial Buyers

Much has been written about the buying power of the next generation. They are expected to spend over $200 billion this year alone, and those numbers will only grow in the years to come. This is good news if you are on Instagram, since Instagram is a hot bed for millennials, with over 50% of the users being under the age of 30! If you are looking to expand your audience and generate new leads, millennials are a great place to look.


3.   Feature Your Products and Services in a New Light

Instagram is very visually driven, focusing on beautiful photos, imagery, and short videos to get the message across. Instagram is your opportunity to rethink brand communications and show a more artistic side. Even if you feel like your business is boring and run-of-the-mill, Instagram gives you a platform to communicate in a whole new way. Use striking imagery to call potential customers to action and educate them on what your brand is all about.

Ready to get started with Instagram advertising but not sure where to start? 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas specializes in online content creation and we can help you get started. Give us a call today for all of your Dallas social media advertising needs. 

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