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Let an Influencer Sell Your Brand. Here’s How:


Let an Influencer Sell Your Brand. Here’s How:

First and foremost, you may be thinking to yourself, “okay, what is an influencer?”

Let’s just get that out of the way, shall we. An influencer is anyone with a large following on social media who influences others through their posts. They may influence people to think a certain way, buy a certain product, or visit a specific place.

Partnering with these influencers – termed influencer marketing - can be huge in terms of gaining brand awareness and increasing sales. In fact, a recent Twitter survey found that people trust influencers they follow on social media (49%) almost as much as they trust their friends (57%)!

So how do you capitalize on the value influencer marketing? Here are 5 tips to getting influencers to sell your brand:


Find the Right Influencers

Start by finding like-minded folks with a strong social media presence. Video content and YouTube continue to grow and many YouTube personalities have millions of followers. Look for influencers on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter who have the same target demographic as your goods or services.


Gift them some Product

This one is a no brainer. Once you’ve identified influencers who are influencing your target market, sending products out to influencers in hopes that they will try them and recommend them via social content is an easy way to spread your message. While not all of your gifts will translate to content or endorsements, you can expect that some will create increased brand awareness.


Sponsor a Post

Instead of just sending product for free and wondering if you will receive content from it, you can send product to an influencer and pay them to review your product or service. Sure, there are requirements that they have to mention it’s a sponsored post, but the content and opinion is still the influencer’s and followers are paying attention.


Create a Giveaway

Influencers love giving away free stuff, so another alternative to gifting product is to partner with an influencer to set up a giveaway. Find a product or service that the influencer’s followers – aka your target market – are excited about. Not only will this build brand awareness, but it creates buzz as well.


Write a Guest Post

Want to show your audience that you are an industry expert? Ask desirable influencers if they are open to guests posts via their social media accounts. If your potential customers see that the influencer trusts your opinion, they will likely follow suit.


Want more ideas on how to use influencer marketing to your advantage? Call 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas today! Social marketing, influencer marketing, and all things digital are our expertise and we’d love to help you build your business. 


Want Better Online Reviews? Follow These 5 Steps.


Want Better Online Reviews? Follow These 5 Steps.

 It’s no question that customers rely heavily on online reviews before they ever spend money on a product or service. Which means, your business needs positive reviews - and lots of them!

214 Interactive – a top digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas – specializes in online reputation management. Follow these 5 steps to obtaining more positive reviews, and boosting your online presence and sales while you’re at it:

1.  Ask for Online Reviews after Each Transaction

It doesn’t hurt to ask! Make this simple by requesting they visit a link included on their receipt (incentives for doing so are great here) or send them an email after an online purchase. Worried you might not like what you hear? Studies show upwards of 85% of reviews are positive, with most people posting with good intentions.

2.  Don’t Make a Complicated Survey

Most customers will only dedicate a couple minutes to an online survey or review, so guide the process and make it easy for them! When asking for reviews, post a survey with 2 or 3 questions, or allow them to select a “happy” or “sad” face. These simple online review methods can translate to big money for you in the long run!

3.  Make Social Networks an Easy Place for Online Reviews

Most social media sites – such as Facebook – make it easy to review a business right there on the page. Optimizing your social media presence for the review process will lead to more visibility through shares and views from friends and followers.

4.  Respond to Negative Reviews Quickly

Occasionally you might see a negative review posted. Don’t worry! Responding quickly to the online review can mitigate damage and prevent the person from harboring bad feelings – or posting more negative reviews on other sites.

5.  Harness Positive Reviews

Feel free to share positive reviews via your social media outlets, website, or emails. Customers are very trusting of user-generated content and those positive reviews can go a long way to building your brand and garnering better online reviews moving forward.

Ready to have someone tackle your online review process? Give us a call at 214 Interactive! We specialize in Dallas online reputation management and would love to visit with you about brand building techniques that are right for your business.


Think Blogging is a Waste of Time? Think Again.


Think Blogging is a Waste of Time? Think Again.

As we tell ever client we work with at 214 Interactive, blogging should be an essential part of the overall digital marketing plan. It’s easy to place more worth on social media outlets or ad placement, but blogging has its place at the digital table too! Time and time again, we’ve seen our small business clients reap the benefits of blogging:


1.     Stronger Customer Relationships

Customers – and potential customers – enjoy being in the know. They want to know your brand before they ever purchase from it and they want to be kept informed on what’s going on. Blogging gives you the opportunity to communicate things that are not easily said it short, quippy phrases via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Launching a new product? Want to show a behind the scenes tour of your facility? Hosting a special wine tasting and need to share the details? Let blogging do the heavy lifting for you and build stronger relationships in the process.


2.     Establish Yourself as an Industry Leader

Not only does blogging build relationships, but it shows customers that you know what you are talking about! Showcase your industry knowledge and establish yourself as an industry leader through industry news, tips and tricks of the trade, and more. People want to do business with businesses they trust. And according to BlogHer, 81% of online customers trust information given to them from blogs.

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3.     Higher Lead Generation

Last but certainly not least, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gets a huge boost when you blog. In fact, consider these stats:

“Small businesses that blog have 97% more inbound links to improve SEO.” - HubSpot
“Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog.” - ThinkCreative


Blogging provides a boost to your website and overall digital marketing strategy because it equips you with more content to be picked up by serarch engines and provides compelling information to potential customers.


Not sure what to start with small business blogging? Call 214 Interactive today to set up a consultation with our full service digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas.


Don't Fall Prey to these 4 Social Media Mistakes - 214 Interactive


Don't Fall Prey to these 4 Social Media Mistakes - 214 Interactive

Business consultants and marketing managers everywhere are constantly urging small businesses to use social media to engage with potential customers - and it’s smart advice. At 214 Interactive, we recommend the same to all of our clients.


However, without the proper knowledge and tools, you may be making some huge mistakes in your social media interactions. Here are 4 social media mistakes to avoid now:


Mistake #1: Too Much Straight Advertising

Social media is a chance to engage with your audience in new and interesting ways. Provide content that appeals to them – not just advertisements about sales, products, etc. While those are all good things, too much of that can leave a follower feeling used and bored with your company, causing you to lose a chance at future sales.


Mistake #2: Too Few Posts or Interactions

While too much straight advertising and promotion is a bad thing, not posting enough is also not smart! It’s important to note that some platforms – particularly Facebook – will stop ranking business pages highly in the user’s “feed” if he or she is not interacting with that company. Which means, if you aren’t posting and giving followers an opportunity to interact, they may begin to see less of your business page period.

Customer service responsiveness is also a big part of this. As followers are engaged on social media around the clock, they may seek to reach out to you via social media with customer service concerns. Be sure to follow-up with each and every one of these issues – good or bad.


Mistake #3: Not Including a Call-to-Action

At the end of the day, the goal of these interactions is to close a sale. While posting your site’s URL in a post is great, a personalized URL about the subject you are discussing is even better! Say you had a social media post about a new manufacturing facility. Instead of just showing a picture and telling people to check it out via your homepage, post something like – “Take a tour of our new facility!” – and have a personalized URL included. These simple calls-to-action help capture leads and lead to conversions.


Mistake #4: Social Media Overload

Having a presence on every social media outlet may spread your resources too thin and leave gaps in content. Choose to either focus on 3 or 4 sites you can really excel at or hire a dedicated digital advertising agency.


214 Interactive can help you with all of these things and more! Our team lives and breathes social media marketing and can take the framework you have to the next level. Call our digital advertising team in Dallas, Texas today to set up a consultation.

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5 Reasons a Web Design Consultant is Essential for your Business


5 Reasons a Web Design Consultant is Essential for your Business

We all have our areas of expertise.

Let’s say you’re a photographer. You’re an expert in all things related to taking amazing photos, but no one expects you to be an expert at financial planning. The same is true for web design.

Web design consultants live and breathe the business and can fill in the knowledge gaps. In this day and age, there are there are so many ins and outs to optimizing web design that it’s best – if not essential – for your business to bring in expert web design consultants to maximize your web design. Here’s why:


1.     The Landscape is Ever Changing

Redesigning a website is expensive, and many small businesses are tempted to update the design and then let it go for a few years. Unfortunately, what was best for Dallas web design a year ago may no longer be best. A web design consultant from 214 Interactive can look at the existing design periodically and evaluate what is working, and what might need some tweaking. While you might miss an opportunity, our design consultants are here to offer unbiased advice to maximize viewership and conversion.


2.     Reliable Copywriters and Designers can be Hard to Find

So about those website updates…they need copywriters and designers, right? We know as well as anyone that finding the right person for the job can be tough. Why not rely on a company like 214 Interactive to do all the handiwork for you. As a full service digital advertising agency, we’ve got everything you need to make your website as polished as possible – with little effort on your part.


3.     SEO is an Ever-Evolving Beast

There’s more to a website than beautiful design, functionality, and great content. In order to maximize page views and attract qualified leads, search engine optimization (SEO) must be on point. Google is the largest search engine and it is constantly changing the standards for how sites are ranked. We don’t expect you to know when these changes happen or what they are, but if you aren’t working with an agency who DOES know and is looking out for your company's best interest, then you are missing key opportunities to connect with potential customers.


4.     Analytics Maximize Investment

You’ve put all of this money into a new website, and it’s crucial for your business that it’s consistently maximizing leads. Our team of web design consultants run routine diagnostics on your website, ensuring that every aspect of your website investment is being maximized.  From monitoring keyword trends, to conversion funnels, to determining how much time is spent on the site, and a plethora of other tools, knowledge is power. And without it, you are missing opportunities to grow your business.


5.     Professional Support When You Need It

One of the best things about having a web design consultant is that help is never more than a call away. Any concern or recommendation – big or small – 214 Interactive is here to offer expert advice. As a top digital advertising agency, we have a full arsenal of tools at your disposal.


Ready to get some expert web design advice? Call 214 interactive in Dallas, Texas today.



5 Reasons Blogging is Critical to Your Small Business

At 214 Interactive, we get this question often, “Does blogging really help a business grow?"


Simply put – absolutely!


With minimal time and effort, small business blogging creates compelling content that not only enhances your website, but drives leads, boosts search engine results, and so much more!


Frankly, the benefits of blogging are just too good to ignore:


Benefit #1: Boost Search Engine Optimization

This is the obvious one. Everyone knows the #1 reason to blog is to create fresh content to boost search engine results, driving potential customers to engage with your brand on topics they are searching for. While it’s tempting to overload your copy with keywords...don’t! Keywords are good and useful, but the most important thing is to have copy that interests and engages the reader (with a few keywords sprinkled in).


Benefit #2: Establish Yourself as an Expert

By writing about topics that interest potential small business clients, you are building brand engagement – showing potential customers you are an expert in your field. Over time, customers will come to seek you out looking for engaging, helpful information because they trust you and your brand. It’s not rocket science; just write about things your clients might want to learn more about, and you are well on your way to expert status.


Benefit #3: Increased Customer Engagement

People love sharing articles and web content that they find useful – so why not have them share something about your business?! Not only will that customer be engaging with your company, but their “shares” will also drive leads and customer engagement with your brand. The more you write, the more opportunities there are for customers to share compelling content. Who doesn’t love free advertising?


Benefit #4: Showcase Your Brand

Small business blogging is the perfect place to showcase your brand identify. What tone, values, and personality do you see for your brand? Write with that tone, and use your blog as yet another marketing tool in your toolbox.


Benefit #5: Opportunities for Dialogue

Creating dialogue and interacting with your customers gives you a chance to showcase customer service and build brand loyalty. Not to mention, it keeps your brand top of mind. Ask questions in your blog or consider allowing readers to leave comments. Another idea? Post your blog to your social media sites and let brand engagement happen organically there as well.


Not sure where to start with small business blogging? 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas is here to help. As a full service digital advertising agency, we’re experts in blogging, social marketing, online advertising, and all things digital. Open the dialogue, and our team will get you on your way to watching your business flourish.

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