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Want Better Online Reviews? Follow These 5 Steps.


Want Better Online Reviews? Follow These 5 Steps.

 It’s no question that customers rely heavily on online reviews before they ever spend money on a product or service. Which means, your business needs positive reviews - and lots of them!

214 Interactive – a top digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas – specializes in online reputation management. Follow these 5 steps to obtaining more positive reviews, and boosting your online presence and sales while you’re at it:

1.  Ask for Online Reviews after Each Transaction

It doesn’t hurt to ask! Make this simple by requesting they visit a link included on their receipt (incentives for doing so are great here) or send them an email after an online purchase. Worried you might not like what you hear? Studies show upwards of 85% of reviews are positive, with most people posting with good intentions.

2.  Don’t Make a Complicated Survey

Most customers will only dedicate a couple minutes to an online survey or review, so guide the process and make it easy for them! When asking for reviews, post a survey with 2 or 3 questions, or allow them to select a “happy” or “sad” face. These simple online review methods can translate to big money for you in the long run!

3.  Make Social Networks an Easy Place for Online Reviews

Most social media sites – such as Facebook – make it easy to review a business right there on the page. Optimizing your social media presence for the review process will lead to more visibility through shares and views from friends and followers.

4.  Respond to Negative Reviews Quickly

Occasionally you might see a negative review posted. Don’t worry! Responding quickly to the online review can mitigate damage and prevent the person from harboring bad feelings – or posting more negative reviews on other sites.

5.  Harness Positive Reviews

Feel free to share positive reviews via your social media outlets, website, or emails. Customers are very trusting of user-generated content and those positive reviews can go a long way to building your brand and garnering better online reviews moving forward.

Ready to have someone tackle your online review process? Give us a call at 214 Interactive! We specialize in Dallas online reputation management and would love to visit with you about brand building techniques that are right for your business.


The Power of Online Reviews: 5 Facts You Can’t Ignore


The Power of Online Reviews: 5 Facts You Can’t Ignore recently released some stats on online reviews and online reputation management, and the results were staggering.


Online reviews play a pivotal role in whether or not a potential customer will buy goods or services from a particular business. Service companies – such as restaurants, hotels, salons, etc. – are particularly susceptible to the impact of online reviews. Take a look at these 5 facts that might change the way you view online reviews:


1.  Positive reviews can create an 18% average increase in sales.

Why? Because customers trust businesses with 5 and 4 star ratings more than those with negative feedback or no feedback at all. Seeing that others have tried your products and services and were pleased is huge in creating new sales – particularly if you are in the restaurant, hotel, or other service field.


2.  Customers trust online reviews nearly 12 times more than other advertising messages.

It’s important to have strong branding messages, but remember the value of online reviews! Consumers trust other consumers to be truthful far more than corporate advertising. If your business focuses on millennials, then this stat is even more critical because merely 34% of millennials said they trust television advertising, as opposed to 68% who trust online reviews.


3. With every added “star” your business has by it’s name, sales are proven to increase by 5-9%.

Incentivize customers to review your business, particularly if they had a positive experience. Again, the more reviews you have, the more likely people are to trust your company, and positive reviews are priceless in terms of conversion. And bonus: content can get picked up by search engines and lead to richer SEO.


4.  Customers will spend 31% more with companies that have excellent reviews.

Not only will positive online reviews bring in more customers, but they can also increase the ticket size. Again, customers trust online reviews enough to put their money behind businesses other people like.



5. Negative reviews aren't all bad.

While negative reviews do impact your business, there is a silver lining. For one, negative reviews generate buzz, which in turn, generates awareness around your products and services. This had been shown to actually increase sales – as opposed to decrease them. Also – if your company responds to a negative review in a professional, helpful, and courteous manner, consumers generally negate that negative review from their decision making process.


Bottom Line: Closely monitoring your online reviews is critical to the success of your business. Luckily for you, 214 Interactive is an expert in online reputation management in Dallas, Texas, and we can do all the heavy lifting for you! Call us today for a consultation!


Want to read more? View full infographic from below:


Is Your Website Mobile Ready?  - 214 Interactive


Is Your Website Mobile Ready? - 214 Interactive

The demand for a website that is “mobile ready” has grown as the use of mobile phones and devices has grown. Google and other search engines actually use mobile readiness as part of their search algorithms, meaning if your site is not mobile ready, then it will not perform well in search engine searches.


Why should you care about mobile readiness? One study suggests that 80% of mobile searches convert – most times to a brick and mortar location – within hours of the search. And since 214 Interactive knows users aren’t going to scroll past the first few search results, this is pretty important.


So how can I ensure my website is mobile ready? Here are 3 steps to maximize your score:


1.     Run Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Google has an easy-to-use test that will give you an instant baseline for how your website’s mobile site performs. Simply type in your web address and Google provides instantaneous feedback.


2.     Optimize Your Website Design

There are a couple ways to design your website for mobile readiness:

1.                    Responsive Design - your website will resize and adjust itself for whatever screen size or device it is being viewed on

2.                    Separate Mobile Site – create a separate mobile version of  your company’s website.

214 Interactive recommends responsive design because search engines are more likely to rank your website higher on a mobile device than if you had created a separate mobile site.


3.     Increase Load Speed

Your website should load on a mobile device in less that 1 second. Google uses the mobile load speed as part of its rankings as well, so the faster the website, the better the ranking. You can use sites like Pingdom to check your current speed.


Need help building a website that is optimized for mobile searches? Not sure if your website is mobile ready? Call 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas today for a consultation. We are a premiere digital advertising agency in Dallas, specializing in website design, mobile readiness, social marketing, SEO, and so much more


How to Setup a LinkedIn Company Page - 214 Interactive

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How to Setup a LinkedIn Company Page - 214 Interactive

Most of our clients at 214 Interactive are active on LinkedIn with personal profiles, but many are missing a key opportunity to connect with potential employees, customers, and brand ambassadors by not creating a LinkedIn Company Page as well. Let’s walk through the “whys” and “hows” of setting up a Company Page:


Why Should I Create a LinkedIn Company Page?


·      Launchpad for Business Growth: When you are using LinkedIn as a personal user, your talents, achievements, and business accolades are front and center. Now think about harnessing that same goodwill for your own company! With a corporate page, your company can shine: showcasing achievements, new product launches, industry news, and more. Think about it as a resource just as valuable as Facebook or Twitter for sharing information.

·      Networking: As your employees join LinkedIn and put in your company as their place of employment, LinkedIn will automatically link their profile to your company page, thus linking you to their contacts. LinkedIn is a great place to network, and the more your company connects with others and shares information about itself and the industry, the more opportunities to build a loyal following and reach your target audience.

·      Effective SEO Tool: LinkedIn is great because it’s measurable. Unlike LinkedIn Personal Pages, Company Pages are public pages, allowing them to show up in web search engine results. This is great for SEO. The more keyword-rich content you share via your LinkedIn Company Page, the more opportunities you have for your company to register favorably on search engines. LinkedIn also has its own tools you can use to measure effectiveness of your posts.


How do I Setup a LinkedIn Company Page?


First things first: before setting up your page, make sure you – or the admin - can check “yes” to all of the following:

·      Must have a LinkedIn personal profile that is 7 days old, “intermediate” or “all-star” profile strength, and have at least several personal connections established.

·      Must be a current employee of the company and your position must be listed on your profile.

·      Must have a company email address with a company domain name attached to it.


Answered yes to all? Continue on!

1.     Click here and click “Get Started.”

2.     Enter the company name and your company email address.

3.     Type 250-2000 characters worth of a company description and add your company’s URL.

4.     Publish!


Still need help? Call 214 Interactive – a full service digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas – today, and let us help you harness the power of LinkedIn to grow your business.


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