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Why Google Posts are Your Key to Higher Foot Traffic


Why Google Posts are Your Key to Higher Foot Traffic

Labor Day and the holiday shopping season are right around the corner, and we know Americans spend big during these time periods. Want to learn the tips and tricks to get them to spend big with you?

Here’s one we recommend often at 214 Interactive: Google Posts.

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts are tied directly to your Google My Business profile. When a user searchers for “restaurant near me” and your business shows up in the search listings, it will show your business’s profile, along with any posts you have added. These posts are typically 100-300 words long, include a photo, and are a great way to add a call to action and entice potential customers to visit you over the competition. 

Why Google Posts?

·      Location Specific Content: We love Google Posts because it’s an easy way to customize content for various business locations. Are you offering a sale? Are there promotions at one location that don’t apply to others? Google Posts lets you make those distinctions with ease.

·      Capitalize on Local Intent to Buy: Approx. 1/3 of all mobile searches on Google relate to local content and location. So if your search listing shows up on a mobile device, you have a much higher chance of that person visiting your location and spending. 

·      Higher Search Rankings: The more clicks you get on your Google My Business profile, the higher your overall search engine ranking will be. So by adding interesting content that entices customers to learn more, you are essentially creating free advertising and boosting your rankings in the process. 

·      Call to Action Encourages Clickthrough: Unlike some traditional forms of advertising, Google My Business posts come with a call to action that boosts click rate. Examples of common calls to action are “learn more,” “sign-up,” buy now,” “reserve now,” and “book an appointment.”

If you want to learn more about how Google Posts can boost your sales this Labor Day and holiday shopping season, give us a call today at 214 Interactive – a digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas. We’d love to help you get started!  


Understanding Website Platforms: What’s Great About Squarespace SEO


Understanding Website Platforms: What’s Great About Squarespace SEO

As a digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas, we’ve obviously had experience with dozens of website platforms over the years – each with their own pros and cons. But when it comes to search engine optimization and getting our clients’ sites ranked on Google, we continually go back to Squarespace as our “go to” website platform and here’s why:

Optimized for SEO

SEO – or search engine optimization – is standard with Squarespace, as their software is already dialed in to what makes sites rank well. No plugins, no confusing coding, just lock in your content and Squarespace makes it easy. In fact, Squarespace actually keeps tabs on competitor Wordpress which requires extensive plugins, ensuring that anything it does with plugins is standard without them on Squarespace. 

Sitemaps are Standard

As the name states, a sitemap is Google’s map to your website. It’s their way of navigating your site, understanding the content, and being able to rank it appropriately. Without a sitemap, content within your site may not show up in search or have any ranking at all – making it lost in terms of SEO, with no hope of bringing in new page views. 

Simple Backend Labeling

Embedding site descriptors and titles in your site that will appear in search are easy and intuitive with Squarespace. Simply follow the guidelines in the Settings and Design Panel to customize and you're set.

When we combine these intuitive Squarespace SEO features along with our knowledge and expertise at 214 Interactive, we’re blown away by the results we’ve been able to deliver to our clients! If you are interested in working with a top digital ad agency in Dallas, Texas that specializes in SEO, call us at 214 Interactive today to set up a consultation. We’d love to talk to you about what we can do for your business. 


3 Positive Ways to Respond to Negative Reviews


3 Positive Ways to Respond to Negative Reviews

Your business just received a negative review – now what?!

Don’t panic. When you own a business, negative reviews are bound to happen. Use the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive with these 3 online reputation management tips from 214 Interactive:


Say I’m Sorry

This is difficult at times, especially when you don’t feel like your team did anything wrong. Regardless, take ownership for the situation, saying something like, “It is our goal to provide the best customer service at all times, and we apologize that your needs were not met.” Sometimes just telling someone you are sorry – instead of arguing with them and pointing out their fault in the situation – can go a long way to restoring the customer experience.


Give a Quick Response

The longer a negative review sits there unanswered by your company, the more damage it can do to your brand. Providing excellent customer service means that you respond to these reviews quickly, showing the customer that you value their business and their opinion.

No time to keep up with when reviews are posted? 214 Interactive can help with our online reputation management monitoring that will track all activity in relation to your brand and let you know the minute something is posted.


Continue the Conversation Offline

If someone provides feedback on an experience that needs more personalized assistance, encourage the reviewer to make contact offline to continue the conversation. Keep online feedback brief and to the point, but in-depth conversations can be handled by a manager offline and will likely further satisfy the complaint.


Need help managing negative reviews? 214 Interactive – a leading digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas - has the tools to make it a breeze! Give us a call today and we’ll set you up with everything you need to protect your brand’s online reputation.


Online Reputation Management: What You Can Do Now to Ensure a Positive Brand Image


Online Reputation Management: What You Can Do Now to Ensure a Positive Brand Image

The way your brand’s reputation is formed isn’t that different than how your own personal reputation is created.



That’s pretty easy to manage if just a few people are talking about you amongst themselves. However, in this day and age, your brand may have hundreds – even thousands – talking about your brand via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram daily. They are blogging about what they like/dislike about your brand. They are giving you “3 stars” on Yelp! (You get the idea.)

The only way to keep tabs on all that is being said about your brand – both positive and negative – is via a strategic plan for online reputation management. While we can’t address all brand touchpoints here, 214 Interactive has determined some of the key brand touchpoints and what you need to do to ensure a positive brand reputation:


Social Media

Let’s face it: the world revolves around social media. What was once a place to find old classmates is now a place for people to interact with brands 24/7. Have you noticed that Facebook now has star rating reviews? Followers can rate your business via Facebook and the world is watching.

dallas online reputation monitoring tool 214 Interactive

What to Do: Monitor your social media sites and be sure to respond to all reviews – positive and negative. Righting a wrong publicly can help build confidence in your brand. It’s also important to have a professional monitoring tool that will track what people are saying about you throughout social media.


Review Sites

When a potential customer visits review sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp, they are looking for information on your brand because they’ve already decided they want to make a purchase.

This is good for you – if you have a good reputation.

What to Do: Again, monitoring is key. Use a professional online reputation management tool (214 Interactive can help with this!) to monitor all of the major review sites in one place. Be sure to keep tabs on listing information, photos, etc. to make sure they are all correct and appealing.

dallas online reputation management tool 214 interactive



Don’t forget bloggers as a key factor in online reputation. Potential customers are very loyal to the blogs they follow and consider them industry experts.  

What to Do: Find bloggers who are industry experts in your field and go to them! Arrange to write a guest blog, ask them to review product, or even pay them to write about your products. You’ll be seen as an industry expert as well.


Not sure where to start with online reputation management? Contact the online reputation management experts in Dallas, Texas – 214 Interactive! Our team will devise a plan to put your brand on top of the competition through online reputation management and content creation.