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Geofencing: Why Your Small Business Should Give it a Shot


Geofencing: Why Your Small Business Should Give it a Shot

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of geofencing?


A relatively new advertising tactic, many small businesses are unaware of this marketing gem – and that’s why 214 Interactive wants you to jump in now.


What is geofencing?

Geofencing is a hyper-localized advertising tactic, using smartphone location data to target advertising to people within a certain geographic range of your business, chosen by you. So for example, someone searches for, “restaurants near me” within the geofence you have set, and customized ads from your business will appear.


The Power of Geofencing

As we said earlier, geofencing and hyperlocal advertising are still being honed by marketers and many are still unaware of its power. If you haven’t jumped on board yet, here are a few reasons to give it a shot:


·     Few are Doing It: Being an early adopter has its perks. According to a recent survey, a whopping 80% of businesses would say they have yet to harness the full potential of hyperlocal advertising. This means less competition for you and your business if you start geofencing today.

·     Prime Demographic: The United States population loves the smartphone – with 77% of Americans using one daily. And even better, 85% of college grads use a smartphone, meaning your business has the opportunity to directly penetrate an audience with the means to make purchases immediately.

·     Be a Part of the Purchase Process: Along with the growth of the smartphone, comes the growth of searching and researching on a smartphone. 51% of smartphone users have discovered new products and services on their phone – products or services they wouldn’t otherwise have known about. By influencing consumers while they are actively researching, your business stands a much higher chance of gaining new business.


Interested in discussing the possibility of geofencing for your business? Give 214 Interactive a call today! As a leading full service digital agency in Dallas, Texas, we seek out new tactics for our customers to help them reach their goals.



The 411 on Houzz Marketing - 214 Interactive


The 411 on Houzz Marketing - 214 Interactive

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of a little website called Houzz?


Chances are you were searching for home design ideas and stumbled across this resource chock full of drool-worthy photos.


What you might not have realized, is that Houzz can do a whole lot more for growing your business than just showcase pretty pictures. Interested in capturing new leads and generating web traffic? Then a presence on Houzz may be right for you. Read on –


The Value of Marketing with Houzz

Houzz is an online directory, social media site, online community, and search engine all rolled into one. Unlike traditional directories, Houzz lets the photography do the heavy lifting, providing eye candy that converts to new clients. Homeowners can save favorite photos, create ideabooks, and review past projects from a potential company before ever letting them into their home.

Think Houzz is just another home design website? Think again. The numbers for Houzz are astounding:  28.7 millions visits per month (73% of those from the US), 6 million users, 2 million app downloads, over 500,000 uploaded photos, and 3 million saved idea books. Houzz is crawling with web traffic. And according to Houzz’s extensive research on its users, that web traffic is qualified, high quality leads, interested in purchasing services within the next 2 years.


Who Should Use Houzz for Marketing Purposes?

If your company falls into any of the following categories, then a presence on Houzz is a must:

·      Home Design/Remodeling (architects, interior designers, contractors, etc.)

·      Home Improvement (think all aspects of the interior of the home – appliances, cabinet manufacturers, hot tub retailers, staircase renovators, flooring companies, etc.)

·      Home Services (cleaning services, painters, landscape companies, movers, real estate agents, etc.)

Basically, if your small business does anything related to the home, consider Houzz a valuable marketing tool.


How Do I Get Started with Houzz?

Houzz uses a customized algorithm – similar to Google – to pull up search results for its users. This means it’s critically important that your photos, photo descriptions, etc. are full of keywords that will increase relevancy in the search results.

If the thought of creating and optimizing a Houzz account makes your head spin, we’re here to help! 214 Interactive is a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guru and would love to help you navigate Houzz marketing with ease.  Give us a call today to set up a consultation!