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5 Reasons Blogging is Critical to Your Small Business

At 214 Interactive, we get this question often, “Does blogging really help a business grow?"


Simply put – absolutely!


With minimal time and effort, small business blogging creates compelling content that not only enhances your website, but drives leads, boosts search engine results, and so much more!


Frankly, the benefits of blogging are just too good to ignore:


Benefit #1: Boost Search Engine Optimization

This is the obvious one. Everyone knows the #1 reason to blog is to create fresh content to boost search engine results, driving potential customers to engage with your brand on topics they are searching for. While it’s tempting to overload your copy with keywords...don’t! Keywords are good and useful, but the most important thing is to have copy that interests and engages the reader (with a few keywords sprinkled in).


Benefit #2: Establish Yourself as an Expert

By writing about topics that interest potential small business clients, you are building brand engagement – showing potential customers you are an expert in your field. Over time, customers will come to seek you out looking for engaging, helpful information because they trust you and your brand. It’s not rocket science; just write about things your clients might want to learn more about, and you are well on your way to expert status.


Benefit #3: Increased Customer Engagement

People love sharing articles and web content that they find useful – so why not have them share something about your business?! Not only will that customer be engaging with your company, but their “shares” will also drive leads and customer engagement with your brand. The more you write, the more opportunities there are for customers to share compelling content. Who doesn’t love free advertising?


Benefit #4: Showcase Your Brand

Small business blogging is the perfect place to showcase your brand identify. What tone, values, and personality do you see for your brand? Write with that tone, and use your blog as yet another marketing tool in your toolbox.


Benefit #5: Opportunities for Dialogue

Creating dialogue and interacting with your customers gives you a chance to showcase customer service and build brand loyalty. Not to mention, it keeps your brand top of mind. Ask questions in your blog or consider allowing readers to leave comments. Another idea? Post your blog to your social media sites and let brand engagement happen organically there as well.


Not sure where to start with small business blogging? 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas is here to help. As a full service digital advertising agency, we’re experts in blogging, social marketing, online advertising, and all things digital. Open the dialogue, and our team will get you on your way to watching your business flourish.

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