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David vs. Goliath: How Your Small Business Can Compete with the Big Dogs


David vs. Goliath: How Your Small Business Can Compete with the Big Dogs

Search engine marketing feels like it’s constantly changing, and as a small business, it can seem futile to try reaching the coveted top search engine spots when many larger, more established companies rule the roost. 

At 214 Interactive – a Dallas digital ad agency focused on search engine marketing – we’re here to tell you that it can be done! Follow these 5 tips to move up in the rankings: 


1.    Keep Your Website Current

When is the last time you updated your website? How often do you load new content to the site? Google’s algorithms like to see sites that are providing quality content that is updated regularly. One easy way to do that is by providing 2-3 blogs per month on your site, focusing on topics relevant to your customers. 

2.    Drill Down to the Neighborhood

Google’s analytics are getting good, and you no longer have to keep your keywords broad to get your business noticed. Instead, use keywords and content that is hyper-focused on your neighborhood, something your larger competitors likely won’t be doing. 

3.    Establish a Secure Website

HTTPS encrypted websites are the new standard, and Google in particular is pushing for everyone to have this type of site integrity in order to protect the sites from hackers. If your site isn’t HTTPS, it’s time to call us so that we can make that happen and improve your search results in the process. 

4.    Mobile is Key

We don’t have to tell you how important search on mobile devices is, and it’s not going away any time soon. Google knows this and puts major emphasis on your mobile site when determining search rankings. Make sure yours is user-friendly, responsive, and fully optimized for mobile.

5.    Ask Customers to Post Reviews

Good or bad, research shows that reviews help build credibility, trustworthiness, and engagement – all things that Google highly values when it comes to search engine rankings. Encourage your customers to post reviews and be sure to respond to each and everyone one of those reviews. 

Need help tweaking your social media marketing strategy? Call us today at 214 Interactive and let’s get started boosting your search rankings. 



Your Trusted Digital Agency in Dallas

As your trusted digital agency in Dallas, 214 Interactive will help your business succeed with online advertising, social marketing and engaging content creation!

Simply put, 214 Interactive is your full service digital agency in Dallas with the ability to build your business with proven solutions. You and your associates will love our big-brand expertise available in our neatly priced and packaged solutions for your business. Working side-by-side, we will prepare the perfect program for your business including reputation management, social media engagement, original and engaging content, customized online advertising solutions and more!

214 Interactive is Your Trusted Digital Agency in Dallas!

214 Interactive is Your Trusted Digital Agency in Dallas!

Our team at 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas understands what it takes to elevate your brand in the digital market and has a proven track record of optimizing digital media for the benefit of your business. Our simple and affordable online marketing tools for local and small businesses not only elevate their brand but help reach potential customers through search engine marketing campaigns managed by Google and Bing Certified Professionals. Even more, you'll receive monthly reports providing transparent insight into your reach and conversions.

To find out more about our customized online advertising solutions for you and your brand, contact your trusted digital agency in Dallas at 214 Interactive. We look forward to hearing your story and find ways to help you reach more customers with your unique message!