When it comes to Search Engine Marketing there are two main tactics that are important.  This includes Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising.  Many people easily forget the second part – advertising.  Getting your site to rank organically on the search results page is pertinent but Search Engine Advertising is one of the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective ways to drive qualified website traffic, and ultimately get more leads for your business.

You can build on your already existing SEO.

Research shows that 53% of clicks on Google are on the first result on the page.  Organic SEO is what can get your business there.  It is found that 75% of consumers do not go past the first results page.  Search advertising can help to ensure that your business shows up on the first result page. 

Search advertising delivers immediate results. 

Working to rank higher organically can typically takes months and sometimes years.  A search ad can start to appear very quickly once you set up your campaign.  This way you can reach searchers long before your SEO helps your organic ranking. 

You can target specific customers.

Search ads allow you to specify your audience.  You can target geographic areas and keywords allowing you to focus your advertising on people who are looking for your type of business.  Targeting your own audience allows them to more likely click on your optimized text ad.

You can try out different text ads.

When using search ads you can easily try out different ad messages and headlines to see which performs best with your audience.  You can also run more than one ad within one campaign.  You can create multiple messages that target the various parts of your business. 

Promote seasonal and special offers.

Since you can easily update and change your ads you can promote any special offers.  You can remove an offer and replace it with another within a few minutes so it is great for one day specials or holiday events.

Ads are a great way to send consumers to a conversion-optimized landing page.

Search engine ads are a great way to promote specific landing pages.  You can create a special landing page for whatever it is you are advertising and the ad link can send your consumers there for more information and a call to action.  Doing this helps to turn prospects into actual customers. 

Search engine advertising, if done well, can effectively help your company get more customers online.  To learn more about 214 Interactive’s search advertising services and research please give us a call at 866-466-2144 or visit us in Dallas today.