If you own and operate a local business such as a restaurant or bar, you may be wondering what all the buzz about changes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has do with you. Your business may not even have a blog associated with it. However, with current search engine focus on local results and high-quality content, this may be the best time possible for you to start that business blog you've been telling yourself you'll get around to one of these days.

Why You Should Avoid Outdated SEO Practices

Old-school SEO basically involves spamming Google with backlinks to drive a target website to the top of the pile, but those tactics cause more harm than good these days. That's great news for small businesses because you don't have to hire a link farm to push your business name up in search engine rankings.  All that you need is a competent person capable of creating engaging, information-centered content designed to add actual value to the internet as a whole and to create authentic interest in prospective customers. Think of it as the difference between well-prepared prime rib and a cold plate of spam.

Should You Manage and Write Your Own Blog?

Many talented chefs and other culinary professionals do a superb job of creating informative, entertaining, and classy blogs while others feel that their time and abilities are better spent on other pursuits, leaving their blogs entirely in the hands of others. The most appealing business blogs combine the best of both worlds, however; a skilled professional provides the SEO expertise and high quality original blog content that today's search engines love while the business owner keeps enough of a hand in to give the blog a pleasing personal touch.