Did you know that 73% of consumers form their opinion of a business after reading just the first six reviews?

Consumers frequently use websites like Yelp, Amazon, Bing, Foursquare, Facebook, etc. to make quick judgements about whether or not a product or service is worth their time and money.

Don't let a negative review cost your business. YOU can start taking control of your online media presence by responding to each and every online review.

When Responding to Postive Reviews...

Rule #1 - Practice Common Courtesy

At first, the idea of publicly responding to a positive review may seem superfluous, but the truth is that by saying “thank you," you are simply being polite—the same way you would respond to someone complimenting your good looks. It’s just common courtesy, right?

Rule #2 - Consider the Audience

Perhaps even more importantly, this makes you look gracious to the 92% of consumers who are now reading online reviews. And that’s always a good thing.

Rule #3 - Reap Fringe Benefits

And then there's the free digital advertising you receive: your replies can improve the SEO ranking of the review, helping it show up in search results. Again, a perk of responding to positive reviews.



When Responding to Negative Reviews...

Rule #1 - Treat Them Like Family

While responding to a nasty review might feel unpleasant, 214 Interactive sees it as a blessing in disguise—and opportunity to show that you care and want to make things right.

After all, if a loved one complained to you about something important, you wouldn’t just ignore them, right? The same principle applies online with your customers.

By taking the time to address a customer's legitimate complaints, you are expressing empathy and compassion, letting them know his or her business and customer service experience is important to you and your business. 

Rule #2 - Remember Digital Media Lives On Long After It's Posted

You may be responding to one customer, but they won’t be the only one reading your response. Once something is posted online, it has the potential to be reviewed by thousands more considering your products and services.

Rule #3 - Don't Let Negative Reviews Fester

Negative reviews are like open wounds. Let them fester, and they can become nasty threats to your business.

214 Interactive recommends confronting each negative review head-on with the balm of concern and kindness. Don't look at it as a nuisance; look at it as a chance to learn, improve, and show the world you care about your customers' experience. 


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