Instagram now has over 130 million active users with over 16 billion photos posted. It has long been an elusive marketing channel, but IG can contribute to huge brand buzz and an increase in sales if harnessed correctly.  Here’s a story that may help.

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Our friends over at Pura Vida Bracelets have the right idea.  Firstly they are selling inexpensive jewelry items at high margins (capitalism rules).  Secondly they are sending a portion of each sale to charity (humanism rules too).  But what caught our eye most was their Instagram marketing tactic.

When the jewelry arrives in the mail, Pura Vida includes a postcard that suggests their new customer “join the movement” by taking a photo of their new jewelry, and posingt it on Instagram with the hashtag “#puravidabracelets.   This is brilliant.  The consumer is most excited about their new purchase at the time of delivery, and Pura Vida is offering them the chance to show it off…not just to their friends but to all the other customers who have purchased similar items.   This creates brand engagement like no other.  It’s communal, it’s visual and it’s viral.

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The emphasis is obviously on the hashtag.  By simply searching for users or hastags that relate to your brand, products and/or services, you can post your own pics with relevant tags.  Do this daily (start with one per day) and span a wide range of hashtags. Over time you will gain more followers, and sometimes the right hashtag may land you hundreds at a time.

You don’t have to offer a shiny new toy to get people excited about your brand.   Think about what makes you unique and what would catch the eye of a consumer.