In 2004, we helped a National hair restoration company with it’s reputation.  Back then it wasn’t called Online Reputation Management (ORM), it was called “please help me remove this listing…it’s killing my business”.  When you searched Google for the name of the company, the second listing on Google was  That site had a display of surgeries gone wrong and it was a massive deterrent for people considering their services.   The company was able to show a direct correlation between the time the bad review site went live and a decrease in business of over 20%.

Online Reputation Management Dallas

It is important to understand that Online Reputation Management in Dallas isn’t just about responding to negative reviews and promoting the positive.  The importance lies on the perception of your brand and your first impression.  How do you look to your existing and potential customers when they search for you online?  Dominating the first page of Google is relatively easy assuming your brand name is unique in your area, but if you don’t take control over it, you put your entire organization at risk of losing your most valuable online real estate.

Taking control means managing your online reviews, local SEO, claiming listings, setting up social accounts and distributing your business information to directories across the web.  The more places you can get your business listed, the better the chances you have of dominating the first page and knocking negative reviews and/or competitors off YOUR page.

In regards to the reviews themselves, Google has reinstated the Star Rating system, so local businesses should be aware your potential customer will see how your previous customers rated you on a scale of 1-5.  And once they see a flaw, they will click to read further…and they will go straight to reading the negative reviews.  You can have 400 positive reviews and 2 negative, and those negative reviews will be read first.  A recent study of hotel reviews showed that negative reviews are not only more trustworthy, but they are perceived of being greater use

80% of consumers will change their mind about doing business with a local company after reading a negative review yet 95% will return to that business if the issue was dealt with quickly and efficiently.  These statistics are worth the investment into the setup and management of your online reputation in Dallas.