As an iPhone user, you trust Apple with the native apps it has designated for you, right?  Excluding…well…maybe Maps and that super annoying Game Center app (what is that anyways). 

Apple maps has had its share of bad press and mistrust.  Mostly because…well…it historically hasn't been accurate.  So much so that in 2012, Tim Cook apologized publicly, suggested iPhone users use a 3rd party mapping system such as Google, and then fired the VP at Apple responsible for Maps.  

But Apple has come a very long way.  After the iOS 7 release, Google Maps usage on the iPhone dropped from 81mm users to 59 (27%).  And if you haven't used the 3D imaging…it's freaking awesome. 

So as a Business Owner, you need to ensure your Apple Maps listing is optimized.  Here's how & why:

  • INITIATE LOCAL SEO - Local businesses must ensure business listings are normalized within directories across the web.  

WHY?  Because Apple maps takes data from 3rd party directories such as Localeze and Acxiom, and every location-based App on the iPhone defaults to Apple Maps.  So if these directories don't have your information correctly, then 35 million iPhone users won't be able to find you. 

  • MANAGE REVIEWS! - Users are reading reviews directly inside the Apple Map default view.  Businesses must be aware of both positive and negative reviews and actively responding to them.  

WHY?  Because Apple pulls reviews into Maps directly from YELP, and allows users to check-in and leave reviews through Maps to Yelp.  

  • UPDATE PHOTOS  - Ensure Yelp has photos of your business that you want people to see.    

WHY?   Maps has a nifty new slideshow and a tab for photos of your establishment.  PIctures speak louder than words, and having no pictures will pull in an arial view of your roof…which nobody wants to eat on. 

Maps does give you tabs to fix broken or incorrect listings directly on your device.  We have heard it simply doesn't work. 

Oh BTW, we do offer Local SEO and Reputation Management.  Just saying….