The amount of people that use their phones to search online has increased greatly.  Many people who are searching on their phone are serious and ready to buy.  This means it is important that companies improve and think through the mobile experience their website offers. 

Studies show that businesses that provide a poor mobile experience could lose business. According to a new consumer study from HubShout (N=450 U.S. adults 21-55 years old), 39% of consumers will look for a competitor and 6% will completely refuse to do business with them. That’s almost half of consumers who will disregard businesses solely because of a poor mobile experience.

Some of the reasons consumers are disappointed by a mobile site include the business hours being hard to find, contact information is not on the first screen they see, not all the same information from the desktop version is found on the mobile device, have to zoom in to read all of the information, clickable text is not large enough to click, the phone number isn’t click to call, and the text is not large enough to see on the screen. 

Experience, no matter where it is, online, mobile, in person is very important.  When it comes to how things work, if a site or mobile site experience is not good and slows a consumer down it would not be out of the ordinary for the consumer to abandon one business and move to another. 

Is your companies mobile website providing an experience that keeps your customers happy?  At 214 Interactive we can assist you in creating a mobile site that meets your customer’s needs.  Stop by and see us today at 4514 Travis Street in Dallas, Texas.