Most of our clients at 214 Interactive are active on LinkedIn with personal profiles, but many are missing a key opportunity to connect with potential employees, customers, and brand ambassadors by not creating a LinkedIn Company Page as well. Let’s walk through the “whys” and “hows” of setting up a Company Page:


Why Should I Create a LinkedIn Company Page?


·      Launchpad for Business Growth: When you are using LinkedIn as a personal user, your talents, achievements, and business accolades are front and center. Now think about harnessing that same goodwill for your own company! With a corporate page, your company can shine: showcasing achievements, new product launches, industry news, and more. Think about it as a resource just as valuable as Facebook or Twitter for sharing information.

·      Networking: As your employees join LinkedIn and put in your company as their place of employment, LinkedIn will automatically link their profile to your company page, thus linking you to their contacts. LinkedIn is a great place to network, and the more your company connects with others and shares information about itself and the industry, the more opportunities to build a loyal following and reach your target audience.

·      Effective SEO Tool: LinkedIn is great because it’s measurable. Unlike LinkedIn Personal Pages, Company Pages are public pages, allowing them to show up in web search engine results. This is great for SEO. The more keyword-rich content you share via your LinkedIn Company Page, the more opportunities you have for your company to register favorably on search engines. LinkedIn also has its own tools you can use to measure effectiveness of your posts.


How do I Setup a LinkedIn Company Page?


First things first: before setting up your page, make sure you – or the admin - can check “yes” to all of the following:

·      Must have a LinkedIn personal profile that is 7 days old, “intermediate” or “all-star” profile strength, and have at least several personal connections established.

·      Must be a current employee of the company and your position must be listed on your profile.

·      Must have a company email address with a company domain name attached to it.


Answered yes to all? Continue on!

1.     Click here and click “Get Started.”

2.     Enter the company name and your company email address.

3.     Type 250-2000 characters worth of a company description and add your company’s URL.

4.     Publish!


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