Finally!  214 Interactive has a new tool that makes it super easy to gain more positive reviews! 

With the tool you will be able to request feedback and reviews from specific customers.  When the customer submits their review, it will be sent directly to you.  This way if the review is positive, you can take action and post it to your website.  If the review is negative then you can continue the conversation offline, and work with the customer to correctly fix the problem in hopes that they will repost a positive review once their issue has been taken care of. 

Other tips for a proper reputation management strategy:

Ask for their feedback.  After the transaction, personally request that they go online and share about their experience.  Let them know that is how you learn as a company and that the reviews are checked daily.

Have a good web presence.  Young customers under the age of 30 are online and posting about their experiences.  By creating a Facebook page or Twitter handle you allow them to share about your goods and services all on their own.

Respond quickly to negative reviews.  Not every experience is great, so do not be defensive, thank them for the review and apologize for the negative experience.  Do not fight with the customer, but resolve the issue.  Most of the time a customer will go back and repost a positive review if the issue is handled properly. 

Contact us for more details about this and the other products we offer at 214 Interactive