LinkedIn is a great tool for connecting and communicating with others in the business world.  Many business professionals have individual LinkedIn profiles to stay connected in the professional world. 

LinkedIn is also a great place to build a presence for businesses and companies.  A LinkedIn Company Page allows businesses to advertise and promote is goods and services, share important information on one platform, recruit and hire qualified employees, and educate others on all that your company has to offer.

You may already have a Facebook presence and that is great.  Facebook is a social networking site where you can connect with consumers.  LinkedIn has grown to 200 million members, and these millions of professionals are considered consumers as well.  This is a great time to create a free company page.  

The process to create a company page is pretty simple.  All you need is a company name and company email address.

Create Your Page

When creating your page you will be prompted to include a cover photo and include a summary of your company.  Your cover photo should be one that captures attention and persuades the user to look further into what your business has to offer.  Take some time to really think about how you can efficiently and effectively describe your business.  As you write be sure to use important keywords so that your company page will easily be found through online search.  In order to read the company summary the user will have to scroll to the bottom, so you may want to include a few words in your image so that it is apparent what your company does or has to offer. 

Your page will include also include a Products and Services tab.  This is where you can specifically explain what your company has to offer.  Including photos and detailed descriptions is very beneficial in selling your products and/or services.

Attract Followers

A great way to get followers is to request your employees to connect with your page.  Employees with LinkedIn Profiles can note that they work for your company.  This will allow them to show up as employees on your page and visitors can learn more about them and connect with them as well. 

There is a LinkedIn Company Follow Button that you can add to your website or blog that will quickly allow people to follow your company on LinkedIn

Post Company Updates

Come up with and post interesting, important, useful and entertaining content to your page.  A page with no content will not have followers.  Think of hot topics and things that are relevant at the time.

Drive Engagement

One way to encourage engagement is to request your customers to leave product reviews.  These reviews show up on the Products and Services page.  It will be most beneficial if you request people to share their testimonials, otherwise they most likely will not take the time. 

Taking the time to set up your LinkedIn Company Page will greatly benefit your company.  While the set up is quick and painless, it is very important to keep up with your page once it is set.  Create some reminders to make daily updates.  Be sure that the content and information on your LinkedIn Company Page is interesting, helpful, and engaging.  Time to go and create your company page.  Ready. Set. Go.