There is an adage in business that if you want to be seen you have to be where people are looking.  It used to be said “location, location, location”. This has never been truer than in the internet age but the question is how to figure out where people are looking.

It is no longer a matter of looking for a corner lot on Main Street. The internet is the new Main Street and those choice corner lots are in constant flux. So the question is, how do you know where to push your marketing efforts and where to pull back and save your precious resources? The answer is not as complicated as you may think.

Google SEP Trending

SEP (Socio-Cultural, Economic, and Political) trending is really nothing more than keeping track of what your target audience is interested in at any given time and Google Trends makes this a relatively easy task.

It gives you the ability to see, in near real time, exactly what are the hot subjects that your target audience is looking at. If you want to narrow your advertising efforts down to 25-35 year old females, that live in Spokane Washington and have shown an interest in Thai Food, or Divorce Lawyers, simply apply the proper filter settings and get a list of exactly what terms this group is searching for online and the tope sites returned by those searches.

The internet may be world wide but that doesn’t mean it can’t be utilized for local businesses. In fact it has made it even easier for SMB’s (Small and Medium sized Businesses) to compete with the large chains. It is just a matter of finding where people are looking. Google Trends makes that possible.