Since the latest update to Google's algorithm, which put a heavy weight on rank determination for websites that are mobile-responsive, we at 214 Interactive have already seen some significant shifts in our clients.   

While the SEO community hasn't  really been crying aloud, SearchMetrics has put out their own "Winners & Losers" list of top sites in the US and their respective shifts, which shows comparative increases & decreases between mobile and desktop.  

Our own research has shown average organic rank increases of 18% since Google's update for our clients with our mobile-responsive platform, and a downward shift of -8% for our clients with their own non-mobile-responsive websites (yes, they went against our advice :).  

We see this update as significant as it relates to in Google's algorithm, and a "nail in the coffin" for websites that can't adapt.    When over 1/3rd of your website traffic comes from mobile combined with this latest Google update, you can't afford to hold onto your outdated site.  

To check if your website is mobile-responsive, head to Google's "mobile friendly test" tool.   If it's not, give us a call today.