Let’s start with a simple exercise. 

In your Google Maps app, go ahead and type in “restaurants near me.” What pops up? Are there restaurants that are noticeably missing? What do you see in the search results for each business? 

Now think about your own business. 

If someone was searching for your business is Google Maps, what would they see?

It probably comes as no surprises, but each month upwards of 154 million people are charting travel destinations, finding local businesses around town, and locating goods and services with the likes of Google Maps and Apple Maps. These tools are vitally important to the generally public – and your business. Here are a few things to be mindful of when optimizing these mapping services to work for you:

Keep Your Google My Business Profile Current

At 214 Interactive, we often tout the merits of completing your Google My Business profile – and for good reason. With so many people looking to Google for information, it’s imperative that your business is well represented. Make sure to claim your business and that all contact information, hours of operation, etc. are correct at all times. Make sure the same information is correct in Apple Maps Connect.

Add Visuals that Pop

After claiming your business and ensuring all information is correct, make sure to add a few visuals that entice and add credibility to your business. You’d be surprised by how many people will look at business photos and decide whether or not to patronize them based on the visuals. 

google maps marketing online marketing 214 interactive.jpg

Without Updated Content, You are Invisible

It’s important to remember that if this information is not updated and current, your business may be “invisible” when people use the mapping services. Try searching your own business several ways, typing in “near me” with your business type attached to it, typing in your company name, etc. and see what happens. If potential customers aren’t finding you on these apps, then you might as well not exist. Want to boost results even further? Let's talk about Google Maps promoted pins and other marketing tools to boost results. 

Ready to learn more about how to use mapping services to benefit your small business? Call 214 Interactive today – online content creation experts in Dallas, Texas – and let us create a consistent brand image across all platforms that will increase foot traffic in-store.