Can your local business be found online?  When a potential customer Google’s your company name, what do they see?  Nowadays it is very important to have an online presence.  When people are looking to find you, you want to be certain they are quickly and easily able to collect the information they need.  If it is too hard to find your company, then it won’t be found.

In order to help small business owners like you, Google is running a Get Your Business Online project to help small businesses create an online presence they can be proud of.  With the help of 30,000 cities and local organizations to help small businesses create a website and help keep their Google search results at the top so these companies are seen by potential customers. 

Google is providing some excellent resources including free custom websites, assistance in using Google My Business, diagnostic tools to measure performance, business workshops and training programs. 

See what your city has to offer and sign up for the program at

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