Different businesses attract different demographics. In order to make your marketing efforts successful, you need to understand who you're talking to, and give them the content they want. You can discover your audience, and often their desires, through social media and blog comments.

Stay in Tune with Social Media

As long as you are consistently offering engaging content, your customers will interact with you through social media outlets including Twitter,  Google+, and Facebook. Look at your followers and try to determine what they have in common. This should help you optimize future content you create. Often, they'll even tell you want they're looking for. Take this seriously. If you notice a trend of people requesting something or echoing a particular opinion, address it through a blog post or the social networks.

Read Blog Comments and Respond to Them

If you're making regular blog posts like you should, over time, you'll build a following of people who will occasionally make comments. Take the time to read them and respond . This shows your followers that you're paying attention and are addressing their concerns and desires. Also, try to use all the avenues available to you—if you're addressing a blog comment that you feel others would care about, discuss it on your social media accounts, too.